's Top Twelve TV Moments of the Week counts down the Top Twelve TV Moments of the Week! In a week that included more vicious spats, manly spit-swapping, and too-real reality than the average Thanksgiving dinner, our teacher/mother/secret lover TV didn't disappoint! Check out what made Heroes, South Park, Dancing with the Stars and ER part of TV Guide's Top TV Moments.

12. Most Dangerous Special Ability: Heroes is pretty tough on the pre-cogs. On a show where hardly anyone really dies, we've seen two painters of the future lose their heads - literally. Sylar took Issac Mendez's ability (and skullcap) in Season 1, and this week Arthur Petrelli decapitated Usutu. We'll stick to flying, thanks.

11. Best Saliva Swap: In the latest Chuck, our hero has to save Casey from imminent death by using his own blood to mix an antiviral concoction. The syringe breaks, so how can Chuck transmit the antivirus? Through his saliva! In a most un-bromantic moment, he kisses manly-man Casey full on the lips; this is no mere peck. Casey nearly dies from embarrassment.

10. We-Share-Your-Embarrassment Award: Rascal Flatts lead singer Gary LeVox, acknowledging that his flowery velvet jacket - with untucked purple shirt, yellow tie and yellow pocket square (!) - was doing nothing to change country music's image as the worst-dressed entertainment segment: "I'm glad this (award) happened fairly early in the show because I've got to get Ma-Maw's curtains back - soon."

9. Best Mash-Up: Law & Order: Special Victims Unit managed to tie together two scandalous news stories - a supposed teen pregnancy pact and a mom cyberbullying a kid into suicide. Heartthrob Jesse McCartney played a jilted boyfriend, while Entourage star Debi Mazar stood out as a mother whose son killed the guy who got his sister pregnant.

8. Most Disappointing Reality: This week's Biggest Loser: Families episode proved that even a good-hearted reality show can be vicious. While Vicky, Brady, Ed and Heba were downright mean to Phillip - calling him a "sleaze-bucket" and "horrible role model" for no reason at all - Amy had the guts to stand up to her team, vote Brady out and break up the Blue team alliance.

7. Best School Musical: South Park joins the High School Musical-mockery industry with a cheerful little episode featuring these reliably acerbic song lyrics: "Do what you wanna do/Just make sure that what you're doing/is what's cool and popular with everyone else."

6. Most Honest Answer About a Previous Honest Answer About a Previous Honest Answer: Jennifer Aniston told Oprah Winfrey why she said it was "uncool" when asked about Angelina Jolie opening up about the timeline of her relationship with Brad Pitt: "I basically just answered it as honestly as I could." Coming soon: Oprah's response to Aniston's response to Aniston's response to Jolie's response.

5. Most Super Sacrifice: We anticipated that the "big moment" in this week's Smallville would be the flashback to a Young Chloe planting a kiss on Young Clark, just to "get it over with." Little did we know that the hour's real jaw-dropper would be Clark begging Jor-El to restore Chloe's memory - save for her knowing her BFF's secret. In saving Chloe from that burden, Clark deprived himself of one super confidante.

4. Best Surprise Wedding: Night Court stars Markie Post, Harry Anderson and Charlie Robinson finish what they started 16 years later on 30 Rock. Knowing how upset Kenneth was about the new NBC page uniforms, Tracy gets them to perform the unaired Night Court wedding finale, and hilarity ensues.

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