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Jane Lynch fans, our cries have been answered! I've been loving the last few episodes of Glee with my only complaint being that we desperately need more Jane Lynch, aka insane "Cheerios" coach Sue Sylvester.

And, thank the TV gods, in 'Vitamin D,' our cries were indeed answered, and it seems that will only continue!

We know from previous hysterical moments that Sue despises the glee club and the "home-permed" goody-two-shoes Will Schuester trying to make glee great.

Not only does she think the glee club kids are all losers who don't deserve any sort of happiness, but if the club's successful, or even keeps running as its doing, it will take school funds away from her beloved Cheerios! And, as we and Sue's journal know, that means Will and glee must be destroyed.

I had thought Sue being a pop-in enemy was amazing, but having her on board more in a more full-time fight was great. I don't think she had as many fantastic one-liners this episode (except "and now I've got bile in my mouth"), as she has had previously when bashing glee and Will, but I'll take a little less of that to have her around more.

She went right for the jugular this week as she visited Will's wife to fill her in on the "affair" between Will and Emma, leading Teri to come to the school as the very, very untrained school nurse. It was fun to get all the tension between Will and Teri thrown into the pot at school, but I was heartbroken to see Emma left to eat alone and try her best to stay away from her love with the evil Teri hogging Will!

Okay, fine, she's his wife and if she were really pregnant, it's pretty awful to even fantasize about getting him to leave her, but while I never expected Emma to make any real moves, I was incredibly glad to see her stand up for herself when Teri confronted Emma in her office.

Who would've thought we'd hear sweet little Emma tell Teri to her face that Will deserved better than Teri?? Go, Emma, go! But then as had to happen, only came more utter heartbreak.

I'm surprised to see them dealing with the Will-Emma flirtation to such an extent this early in the show. I would have imagined they'd take the route of most shows, like The Office with Jim and Pam for example, of allowing the flirtation to go on without bringing any confrontation about over real feelings for a number of seasons.

But here we are, just 6 episodes into Season 1, and already the wife is confronting the flirter, the flirters are confronting their feelings for each other to each other, and they're both recognizing it can never be for them and they must go their separate, right, and unhappy ways. So sad!! I didn't imagine Will and Emma would get together this season, and I still hope they don't, but as mentioned, I also didn't expect this much of a confrontation quite yet.

But that said, there's no way Emma's "secret" marriage to Ken will work as Emma clearly won't be happy, and neither will Ken when he realizes having Emma in such a ridiculously insane way as living separately, never touching, and being married, is not fulfilling.

While all that drama was going on for the adults, Teri's appearance had quite an influence on the glee kids as well! Will saw the kids weren't trying because they were matched up with "losers" for sectionals, so he decided to motivate them with a boys vs. girls mash-up singing competition, aka a "glee-off," where the winning group would have their song as the opening number for sectionals.

But, as luck and comedy would have it, Finn was feeling far too exhausted from all going on in his life to stay awake during practice, and he headed to the nurse where he thought he'd get a nap. But instead, being the insane over-excited woman she is, Teri did not let Finn nap, but gave him Suphedrine which is "totally safe" because they're over the counter.

And oh was it hilarious to see the usually chilled-out Finn over-the-top excited all hopped up on the pills! This led to the boys having an off-the-wall mash-up performance of "It's My Life" and "These Are My Confessions" which was a-mazing!!

Then luckily to amp up the hilarious but awesome performances of the week, Kurt informed the gender he really felt loyal to, the ladies, how the guys did it, and in jumped Teri to drug up the girls as well. Of course this wasn't going to last for any of the kids, so it was just way too funny to see all the usually excited girls super pumped up, and even more so to see Will thrilled after both performances thinking his idea of the competition was what made the kids so crazy motivated.

But, after all the funny and drugs wore off, the consequences came to call. The principal discovered what was going on, which had something to do with Teri's poor Sheets and Things guy getting arrested for buying the drugs, leading to, hooray, more funny along with the serious consequences!

Teri's out of the school picture after showing what an insanely awful nurse (and person) she was, and Will got thrown into the mix of the blame, making the principal decide he wasn't fit to run glee on his own and gave him a glee co-director: Sue Sylvester! Now THAT is going to be good times!

While we're looking forward to that, let's not forget the other development of the episode - Quinn decided to give Teri her baby, which may not actually happen since Teri then refused to give Quinn money to help with the pregnancy. If Quinn does give the baby to Teri, can Will really never discover Teri's not actually pregnant and not notice that their baby looks a lot like Quinn and Finn... or rather, Puck?

So what'd you think of the episode? Did you enjoy the crazy glee competition? What did you think of the adults' love square and how do you think it will develop? Will any of these guys realize how much their ladies are lying to them?



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Oct 8, 2009 4:32PM EDT

Still the Glee train rolls on for me and certainly the growing presence of Coach Sylvester will just make it even more awesome. I was glad too to see more of Jane Lynch as her comedic screen presence never seems to fault. Sidebar: All Jane Lynch fans should check out a movie called 'Best In Show' starring Ms Lynch and its made by the guys who did Spinal Tap (the Godfathers of documentary style comedies!)
Anyway, back to Glee, with the plot set for us and we've become familiar with the characters and the troubles they face whether it is not being socially accepted, feeling anguish of burning emotions hidden below the surface of your soul......or your wife giving drugs to teenagers and pretending to be pregnant; Coach Sylvester will pick up on all of this and use it to her advantage.
Divide and Conquer was always my favourite tactic of the great Machiavelli and I bet it will be one of Coach Sylvester's also. She clearly will keep using the Emma/Will/Terri situation to keep Mr Schuester down, she has three of her Cheerios in Glee already (even though I feel Quinn has slipped out of her grasp) and the other insecurities of the Glee kids will just be ripe for her picking.
Looking forward to seeing some great back-stabbing MacBeth type plots in the upcoming weeks as well as great comedic scripts, good acting and some catchy song numbers strewn throughout.
And yes Kendra, you do make a good point that the ladies lie quite a bit. Also, how is this baby handover going to happen? Baffles me really as Quinn will be showing and how could a husband not know that his wife isn't?


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Oct 8, 2009 5:00PM EDT

well i suppose it had to happen cant have great things all the time now i will just have to ride out how ever many episodes the writers made with things getting spoiled by sylvester and ken not even great songs in this episode :(

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Oct 8, 2009 5:50PM EDT

I laughed more than usual watching this episode; the lines were hilarious!


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Oct 9, 2009 2:36AM EDT

sabre7, "Best In Show," "Waiting For Guffman," "Spinal Tap," and the MUST see "A Mighty Wind" (with Ms. Lynch singing fabulously) are all by the marvelous Christopher Guest. He's done TONS more, but those are the most well-known.
Okay, what a show! I still can't tell if I like how this show is pacing itself, either in each episode or over the season. Kendra, I'm just as shocked as you that this flirtation came to a head so fast, and with all the drama from Will towards Teri in this episode I wouldn't be surprised if next week he finds out she's having a faby and the following week they're divorced. Talk about speed writing! But, I'll still tune in, cuz it's how I roll.
I liked how you got to see a bit more of the other gleeks this episode, including Mr. Awesome Dancer and the rude-yet-talented Cheerios. Even if they are two-dimensional, at least we know where they stand (Coach Sue's joining glee got smiles from the Cheerios, but they didn't show an equally happy Quinn....hmmmm). Meanwhile, Teri completely goes to the Dark Side, but this was certainly balanced by Emma's Last Stand (even if she did get CUT DOWN by Teri....ouch!) and Quinn's totally fantastic character development. I liked her honesty with Rachel, and Teri for that matter, and I think she could become a huge ally for Rachel at some point. Even with the Finn drama. Then again, the writer's seem to throw curve balls each week, so maybe Quinn will be the Acid Queen next episode. Who knows?
I still don't get how the faby-swap will happen. They are months apart! And hey, maybe Teri is that stupid (she did ask Quinn if she was having the baby in school) but this plan is so doomed I don't even see the point in entertaining the notion that Will won't realize what's up. Yea, maybe he's oblivious at times, but still.
Until next week, my heart breaks for Emma and Will, and I high five Rachel for her positive self-motivation.Oh, and I think the guys won the glee-off. Thoughts?

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