Gossip Girl: The Blair is BACK

Gossip Girl has returned in full glory! There were plenty of questions in the air about what would happen when and if Blair returned to school - and oh were they answered in last night's "Blair Bitch Project!"

All the Upper East Siders were returning from spring break - Serena unshowered with one step-brother too many taking over her bathroom for some questionable activity, Blair ready to continue holing up in her bed, and Jenny high on her new Queen Bee horse!

After Blair's attempt to run from all the gossip and her ex-friends, Serena remained the only one not only speaking to Blair, but not laughing at her and not throwing dairy at her! Now that's immature, ladies. But wait, I suppose that's the point considering they entirely ousted Blair after being friends with her for years over a little gossip.

Sure, that gossip was true, but in the Gossip Girl world, the girls are probably more jealous than scornful of all Blair had done.

At first it seemed Blair was de-throwned and prepared to let it stay that way, but later she really turned things around on our no longer sweet and innocent Jenny. Is there anything left to like about Jenny at this point, or has she gone totally mad stealing and cheating her way to the top?

Well, it seems she has. It looked like we'd be waiting a while for Blair to regain her power, but now that's not really her style is it?

I can't decide if the cattiest, nastiest move of the night was Blair setting up a birthday party for Jenny to reveal where Jenny really lived to all her "friends," Blair's very proud moment of grabbing her coat and walking out once Jenny's stolen dress was discovered and then waiting proudly for all the girls to show at Butter, OR Jenny showing at Butter with... Nate!

Okay, that was a pretty amazing power move. It looks like Blair hasn't won yet - little Jenny Humphrey has learned how to play the rich-bitch game!

As for Serena, while she wasn't busy getting it on with Dan or fighting it out with Chuck, she was receiving "gifts" that escalated that very fighting with the new evil step-brother. But as it turns out, all the dirty magazines and drugs delivered to Serena were not nasty step-brother tricks, but a whole new beast of its own ready to rear its ugly (well probably more pretty) face!

Now we're left to wonder, as Serena is escorted kindly into Chuck's suite for a comforting drink, just who is this "G" coming back to town soon who will turn even the other cheek for the nasty step-brother? (Well, that would be Michelle Tractenberg as Georgina... can't wait!)

That's someone I'm dying to meet! Until next time, Upper East Siders.

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