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Season 3 picks up right where season 2 left off with Michael swimming in the Atlantic. Michael emerges from the water free from interference by the organization that burned him.

He's not under their protection, either, and is under investigation by the police. He gets out of prison with help from his old friend, who has a job for him: extraditing a thug who's displacing landowners in a Latin American country. Join fans on the official site and on Facebook.

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Default avatar cat
May 29, 2009 9:36PM EDT

Burn Notice: Season 3 Predictions
Now that Michael is free from the organization, his life will move in several directions. First, he once again can concentrate on finding out who burned him and why. This mystery will be in the background of each episode, but not the primary focus of each episode. Second, he will keep afloat financially by continuing to do special ops jobs for people who are in trouble, which keeps him both in-sync with his skills and close to Fiona and Sam. No doubt people from his past life will make his current life harder by showing up and causing him trouble when he least expects it. Third, he will continue to improve his relationships with his mother, Madeline; his brother, Nate; and with Fiona. Madeline will continue to be a thorn in Michael's side, but they will get closer. Nate continues to surprise Michael by making better choices in his life and smartening-up a bit; however, he'll still need Michael's help every once in a while as well as join in on Michael's adventures. Fiona, on the other hand, just may prove to Michael that he can't live without her, both professionally and romantically. My predictions for Sam: I think he'll get hurt in some way during this season; will this be his last?

May 30, 2009 9:50PM EDT

My predictions:
Michael - as it appears that he gets closer to finding who burned him, he will truly be farther away. he will depend on Fiona and Sam, as usual for the special ops jobs he does.
Fiona - Fiona will keep Michael on his toes and safe but their personal relationship will keep being tested. I think they will decide that there is no way to possibly maintain a relationship but sexual tensions will still be high.
Sam - Something will happen to cause a rift in Michael and Sam's relationship. There will be a lack of trust or some conflict in order to provide suspense and viewers. In the end, the problem will be solved. (Whether Fiona is the cause of the rift somehow, that'd be interesting to find)
Madeline - Out of envy of Michael's love of Fiona, she will continually try to keep the two apart. She vies for Michael's attention and keeps trying to get Nate and Michael closer.
Nate - will try to follow the right path but will always stumble in that quest. i think he will get himself in some serious trouble that even Michael may not be able to help him with, which will cause piqued interest in the viewers until the problem is eventually solved (after several episodes).
In the end, I think that Michael and Sam will part ways for many episodes but Fiona will bring them together by some devious plan. However, by bringing them together they also realize that they must go separate ways and that they cannot depend on each other professionally, anymore because it is hurting them. Sam will choose his professional life and realize that Michael is doing nothing but ruining his credibility with the agency. So, will they end up almost enemies when Sam has to pursue Michael for some "crime" that Michael has committed?
Only time will tell for Season 3.

Default avatar cat
May 31, 2009 2:19AM EDT

Yes, Michael will continue to escape the cluches of any people that are after him. Fiona and Michael will not be able to become a real item until Michael finally decides that the spy life is not worth all the trouble it has caused him. Unfortunatly I think that someone will have to die and it will probably be Nate, since he does not appear in very many episodes. Sam will continue to help Michael and they will always be good friends. Michael's mom will probably have a lot of problems becaues of the people that will be after Michael. I think she will continue to stay in Miami becuase she wants to be close to her son. I don't think she will be killed because then Michael would just go on a killing spree of his own. There will be a lot of suspence and killing. It should be a good season.

May 31, 2009 10:46AM EDT

Now that "The Agency" is not looking out for him Michael is going to have to face a whole new world. While it was completely necessary to reject the offers by the company that burned him, I believe he is going to have a difficult time dealing with his past. It'll be a good peak into what Michael really did before hand and how good he really was at his work, it is alluded to every time he helps someone in order to help himself personally and financially, but can he really return to that kind of life of hardcore spy work? He will have to really begin to out all the shots as past enemies begin to resurface.
In Season 3 I think Michael is going to have to realize that the life he has created for himself after he got burned has changed him in many ways. He can't just run away and vanish forever anymore, he has to face the fact that he now has someone he loves and wishes to be with and family and friends to boot. For Michael, when past meets present he will have to make life changing decisions for himself and for his future. Does he still want to be in the Spy business or does he wish to lead a "less than ordinary" life in Miami? His motivations will have to change.. and then what?
What was so great about Season 2 was that the authors really knew what the audience wanted... and actually gave it to them! While it was suspenseful and thrilling, they don't have as many questions to answer except; what type of life did Michael live before and what type of enemies does he have now? Does Michael want to be with Fiona? How will his family play out in the end, and last but not least, after all that has happened.. does Michael still want to be a spy? While Season 3 will undoubtedly help answer this questions, it still must pose more in order to perpetuate the thrilling story of Mr. Westen.

May 31, 2009 11:28PM EDT

Honestly I just hope that Sam disappears this season. He doesn't bring much to the table. Hopefully things will move forward with Fiona, Im tired of the backwards dance with her and Micheal.

Jun 1, 2009 6:18AM EDT

Sam is goiing to drink and drink some moreMichael is going to be protecting himself and his family from those who wish him harm.Fiona is in love with Michael and will stay with him.Only god knows what madeline is going to

Jun 1, 2009 11:22AM EDT

My predictions:
Michael is probably going to go through a lot of crap because he has less protection from the government. Nothing ever comes easy for the poor guy. And we'll learn more about his past. He and Fiona's relationship will be put to the test, and they just might grow even closer as they learn more about each other's true feelings. Madeline will finally give up smoking. Okay probably not, but thought I'd throw it in there. She'll probably annoy Michael to death. =) And sam, he'll be sam. Overall I expect this season to rock it!

Jun 1, 2009 5:14PM EDT

i think michael is going to have to face the consequences of getting out from under the people who burned him and answer to a new crowd of people. The miami police department. He is their new target. Michael will continue helping anyone he can while trying to help himself.
Michael and Fiona will finally realize they belong with each other and no one else,Sam will.......well, continue what sam does best. Drinking, creating diversions, kicking ass and save mike's ass over and over againMadeline will do her job. She offers shelter to anyone in need, comfort and a constant thorn in mike's side.Nate will get out of prison and after time, his problems will go away.

Default avatar cat
Jun 1, 2009 5:35PM EDT

First of all Michael is gonna realize that he forgot his sunglasses and devise a plan to steal them back from the people who burned him because those shade are just so darn cool. While he's doing that he finds some files on the enemies that are coming to get him and realizes one of them is Fiona's ex from the IRA days. Michael gets jealous that Fiona is back with her ex and goes out and gets a girlfriend to make Fiona jealous back. Of course bad guys come and start shooting, and of course Michael is too smart for guns and makes cool gadgets to save the day. In the end Michael and Fiona realize they love each other and decide to tough it out together. oh and Sam drinks a lot, Madeline smokes a lot, and Nate gets in trouble a lot.

Default avatar cat
Jun 2, 2009 12:46AM EDT

Michael is the central character and will remain so for this season. He will continue looking for the person responsible for burning him, but he will have a new enemy - the Miami Police Dept. However, he may be able to get a steady job now that the organization is out of the way, so, in short, he won't have to do a "job" every episode. The kind of work he tries to get into could be the kind that will allow him to explore the side of those who burned him. He could do an occasional "job" like he used to in the previous seasons. His relationship with his mother would be the same; with Fiona, it would remain the same - because it's obvious he loves her (he doesn't want people he loves to be used as bait, so he tries to stay away from them..but he still loves her...)..Sam will have his steady girlfriend but he'll be there for Mikey when he needs him...he might even get a job in the police dept. to help Mikey find more dirt on the inside ppl...Nate could possibly do the same, but he'd do that unknowingly..

Jun 2, 2009 12:37PM EDT

-Michael will find something out this season but it wouldn't be the answer quite yet and it'll just open more questions than answers-I think this season Michael will be over focused yet again and Fiona will be endangered and this will lead to them seriously looking for the way to make it-None of the major cast will die but be separated in a way with more bullshit coming after Michael and the gang

Default avatar cat
Jun 3, 2009 11:35AM EDT

I think Michael is going to go through a big emotional change this season. For the first 2 seasons he has been focused on finding who burned him and get his old life back. I think that now he is going to start wondering if he really wants to go back to his old life. Since he has been stuck in Miami he has gotten closer to his Mom, his brother, and Fiona. He might start thinking he has it pretty good now. I think he might also leave Miami for a while to do some work.
I think Fi is going to really press it with Michael. She will demand to know what he really wants out of the relationship and maybe threaten to leave. She will question why he wants to go back to the life that abandoned him.
Sam will keep drinking it up. I think Sam is going to get into trouble from his past. He might be blackmailed or put into a position where he would have to betray Michael and decide what he has to do.
Michael’s old friend that breaks him out of jail will be a major character and might turn out to be an elaborate plot to get Michael to unwittingly work for the organization again. These small jobs might actually be for them in disguise.

Default avatar cat
Jun 3, 2009 7:23PM EDT

I think this is going to be a very intense season for Michael. Because he is no longer protected there will be all kinds of people coming out of the woodwork. There will former spies and assassins showing up that have a grudge against Michael. In addition I think the organization that was protecting him may even add to the danger. They might let people know he is not protected or even let the police know about some of his activities that are not entirely legal. Basically, people will be coming at him from all sides.
Sam’s character will remain pretty much unchanged. He will still be laid back and hitting on women around Miami. And he will certainly use the alias Chuck Finley sometime soon. Although, I think he might get a little more action time and get to show off a little more.
Fiona will get tired of all the waiting around for Michael and find another love interest, but it won’t really be serious. Maybe Campbell will return and we will learn that he was secretly a spy that was sent to spy on Michael and Fiona and knew Fiona would come back.
I really hope that the character of Crazy Larry (Tim Matheson) will return. I loved that character. Maybe Michael will even have to rely on him for help. That would be interesting.

Default avatar cat
Jun 3, 2009 10:24PM EDT

I think that season 3 will be more suspenseful than the others. Now that the organization is leaving Michael alone, as they said, all his old enemies will come after him. In this season Fiona and Michael's relationship will be tested, and they will ultimately end up together in the end. Michael's brother will be a main character this season; since all these old enemies will re submerge, Michael will have to keep a constant watch on his bro, and because of this he will become a main char. Sam will be the same as always, but I think, like with Fiona, his friendship with Michael will be tested. Michael's mother will be fine since she is in hiding, I don't think she will be making many appearances in the show.

Default avatar cat
Jun 5, 2009 1:11PM EDT

In Season 3, were going to see why and how Michael Weston got burned...his particular talents were probably needed off the books, possibly illegal. Sam Axe and Fiona will lend their tactical support to Michael.

Default avatar cat
Jun 5, 2009 7:42PM EDT

I think that Michael and Fiona should finally figure out what it is that is going on between them. While I know that the overall arc of figuring out who burned him and why will continue through this season I hope that the single episode stories will continue to be witty, fast paced, and humorous. I would love to see Nate come back for some more episodes. I love the dynamic Michael has with his family and always enjoy learning more about his past. Overall, I am just looking forward to this season and hope it is as good as the first two.

Default avatar cat
Jun 5, 2009 8:33PM EDT

Michael will continue to be gorgeous and clever, hopefully he'll finally realize that Fiona is beau. They'll get married.

Default avatar cat
Jun 6, 2009 1:38AM EDT

I think Michael will realize that he needs to learn more about the people who burned him in order to get his old life back so at the end of the season he'll contact "the management" and return to them even though it will only be to accomplish his own ends.

Default avatar cat
Jun 7, 2009 9:20PM EDT

I think that this season is gonna be great, USA has been top notch lately with just about all their original programming...

Default avatar cat
Jun 8, 2009 11:14PM EDT

I am so happy that burn notice is back because its the only action show i looked forward to at all, the way the second season ended was incredible and the first episode of the 3rd season set up a lot of shocks. I don't think the third season will see Mike back in the spy business but rather focus more on him and Fiona growing together and Sam really showing his friendship for Michael like he did in the first episode by being his bodyguard. The first episode showed a little darker side of Michael by turning in his ex-buddy for himself something that I think we will see a lot of....
Now if only Psych can come back my two favorite shows will be on thursday and friday!

Default avatar cat
Jun 9, 2009 1:51PM EDT

Michael will never be free of the management! He will continuously find them entangled in whatever he gets himself into. Fiona and Michael will wander around but they will not truly commit because that would leave them both bored by the monotony of the norm. Michael's mom will probably give him some headaches too maybe with a boyfriend that is connected in someway to the management.

Default avatar cat
Jun 12, 2009 8:50AM EDT

I think that management isn't as far away as Michael thinks they are. Once they realize that he isn't going to come running back just because a few old enemies are showing up, they'll be back with a vengeance and cause Michael even more problems. They're giving him the illusion of being free to try to get him on their side of his free will so he'll stop investigating. Sam will, of course, be Sam, although I think he might get more useful in season three with his law enforcement contacts now that Michael's back on the grid. And though we're all dying to see Michael and Fiona together for good, I don't think the show will be that nice. They'll throw some cute moments to keep everyone happy, but their constant back and forth is part of what makes the show interesting and I'm betting the show will want to use that possibility to keep us coming back for more for a little while longer.

Default avatar cat
Jun 12, 2009 11:36AM EDT

Michael is gonna be put through the ringer this season without the "protection" he had previously been receiving. I think that most of the obstacles thrown his way will be tedious, but unavoidable. I am sure he will have more people from his former life come back and ask for help or even come back for revenge.Fiona and Michael will probably get close again, but Fiona might back off because she is sick of the games. They will be the typical ross and rachel type couple where each week they either are really close or breaking up and in the end, the viewers just want them to be happy with one another.Sam might find some more lady friends but I am sure his relationship with Michael will put his relationships in Jeopardy, one of these days that is really gonna upset sam and he might even walk away from helping for a period of time.Michael's bond with his mother is gonna grow again, but she just will not understand why now everyone (the cops) wants to arrest him. She might even say he is a bad influence on his brother.Hopefully everyone will make it through the season but I could see Michael's mom or brother ending up in the hospital for something serious just to add to Michael's angsty feelings and allow Fi to comfort him.

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