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TV Tonight: What's On Thursday 5/13

It's time for more exciting season finales tonight including Vampire Diaries, Supernatural, and Private Practice! Also, make sure to savor the second-to-last episodes of the season for pretty much every other fav Thursday show below.

Check out all that's on tonight:


Vampire Diaries on The CW - Season Finale!

Community on NBC

FlashForward on ABC


Parks & Recreation on NBC


Supernatural on The CW - Season Finale!

The Office on NBC

Grey's Anatomy on ABC

Fringe on Fox



30 Rock on NBC


Private Practice on ABC - Season Finale!

The Mentalist on CBS

The Marriage Ref on NBC

The Real Housewives of New York City on Bravo


The Daily Show on Comedy Central


The Colbert Report on Comedy Central


The Tonight Show with Jay Leno on NBC

What will you be watching?


Default avatar cat
May 16, 2010 11:32AM EDT
I dont think supernatural will have the same edge it does now when it comes back, with the main writer/directer dude leaving and leaving another in charge, considering he said it was a 5 season only thing, maybe they should just leave it that way? On to Esthers response; The angels dont show emotion, at least Cas didnt until he warmed upto dean, if you remeber back to the anna episodes (i think her name was anna, brought back angel who fell and tryed to kill their parents in past) when she came back as an angel after absorbing her "mojo" she showed no emotion, though she remebered everything, and i think thats whats happened with sam, though i know i could be gravely mistaken and its a super scary demon same escaped from hell. I wouldnt be surprised if its half the episodes, i honestly dont know what they could do with another 22.. Considering they already played the "brother back from hell completely and utterally mentally broken but then gets fixed and blahblahblah"Wouldnt mind them going back to roots with a all out hunting trip, but would dean leave his new family? Will Dean even know if Sam is "alive"? Actually, thinking about it now, Sam may just be a demon, thinking back to when he brought lucifer out, he drank all that blood and went like super nuts and had the eyes and everything, maybe after all that demon blood before saying yes, and all the anger that would have been in him during that short time lucifer was in control. Anyway, wall of text outies Have fun :D
Default avatar cat
May 14, 2010 7:33PM EDT
But the moooood just wasn't right for an "angel" SamThere was no hint of a smile or caring.The light going out was just forebodingAnd the music definitely ended on a dark noteThey're having another season after thisBut chances are it's only going to be half as man episodes according to some interviews with the execs I feel like they have so many questions to answer still
May 14, 2010 10:30AM EDT
EDIT....God bought SAM back..not ""Dean""
May 14, 2010 10:16AM EDT
OMGGGGGGGGGNearlly in tears lol WTF??? an to top it all of, i did not even know this was last one till i started it then i had a idea..I have to say that is defo one bad arse episode an at the same time, im left with so many, if buts whys an whens?... I always said this is such a brill show an should burn out not fade away, like if they carried it on to long an spoiled it but my mouth is on the floor....But Aviditys comment up there i think makes a whole heap of sence since i have not even had time to diejest whats just happened, but yea the writter ( GOD )they way he just vanished an the fact he was there through most of this but not an always new what was going to happen... The light popping, yep a few times,like when dean was bought back also an in that shop place, an angels trying to talk all the lights an glass popped an also what he has mentioned..would make sence that God bought dean back as an angel to watch over Dean an also clear up the fact that why would Sam have to suffer in the pit after the sacrifice he made, an dean gets his apple pie life..but would be nice for just one epissode maby, to confirm whats happened, allthough it could b a leave it up to the imagination but after all the hrs iv sat through glued to the set watching these, i think unlike a film this defo needs a bit of something!! Hopfully there will be more, i think they dont know an maby left it open so they can if they do??? BEST SHOW EVER! God im late to collect my son from school
Default avatar cat
May 14, 2010 4:23AM EDT
****SPOILERS**** Ok like those above me, just finished watching most recent episode of Supernatural. My reaction to chucks little *poof* was ....haha hes god! ...Son of a **** My thoughts on Sam's little return is, Chuck/God has brought him back as an angel.A guardian for Dean as, lets face it, Dean will ALWAYS be hunted by demons/monsters and what not.The reason behind my theroy is purely the light going out, if you look back to the episode where we learn more about Castiel, when he went into that blokes body the lights around him went crazy. And yes, Castiel is a bad ass, though i must say, when lucifer killed him, i was actually stunned, that little explosion of body parts was like... :O Anyway, Best season finale yet, and i do hope they bring it back for a 6th!
May 13, 2010 11:59PM EDT
Default avatar cat
May 13, 2010 10:06PM EDT
Ok, I just finished watching the Supernatural episode and I just HAVE to say it*Super duper spoiler alert* CHUCK WAS TOTALLY GODWHAT IS SAM DOING OUT OF THE CAGE?WHY DID THE LIGHT GO OUT?IS HE A GHOST?!WHY IS CASTIEL SUCH A GODDAMN BAD ASSAND WHY AM I TYPING IN ALL CAPS?????
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