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Greek's 2nd season is starting up very soon on ABC Family! It's moving to an all new day and time, so don't miss out on the Season 2 premiere Tuesday, August 26th at 9/8c.

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Greek Sneak Peek: Brothers And Sisters

I got to take an early look at the premiere episode and, as a big Greek fan, I was pretty satisfied with the kick-off of the season. (No spoilers, I promise!)

We left the Greek kids after their spring break which mixed things up a bit as Rusty had a completely disastrous time that at least ended in making up with Calvin, Casey and Cappie "accidentally" shared a kiss, and Rebecca discovered her dad had a bit of a scandal and decided to go "Girls Gone Wild," on us, leaving Cappie needing to run off to support her and leave things with Casey as just an "innocent" spring break kiss.

The Season 2 premiere brings us back to school and starting up "Greek Week," packed with spirit and sport activities pitting the frats and sororities against each other big time.

Rebecca and Casey are left with their usual tension, but also the need to deal with Rebecca's spring break wild moment which includes some involvement from the chapter, and a chance for Casey to either love or lose her little sis.

The storylines were pretty well played out and fun to watch in usual Greek style, including continued Casey-Evan-Cappie tension along with the added effect of Rebecca. But there's someone else jumping into the mix as well which is a bit of a surprise and totally expected at the same time, if you recall something building up for Evan at the end of last season.

My biggest enjoyments of the episode were getting back the sweet, yet working into his coolness, Rusty from the confused and heartbroken Rusty we got at the end of last season, and some good moments of standing up for oneself either with or against the Greek system. One of the great parts of this show is showing the fun of college and the Greek system, but showing the personal stories going on underneath and along with this that show they're not just all about partying and drinking.

What I didn't enjoy were some excessive "funny" references that just sounded like they were trying far too hard to be more of a hip show like 30 Rock or Family Guy. For instance, we had Casey saying something about how she didn't want to "go all Gerald Ford," and Ashley saying, "Wow, she's being more supportive than a pair of Spanx!" Some of these were fun, but either these little tidbits were more subtle before, or the Greek writers are going for something new that's just not sounding natural at all for these characters.

Overall, a pretty solid opener to the new season of Greek that made me excited to get more of these characters I've come to love!

Don't forget to tune in to the Season 2 premiere of Greek on ABC Family Tuesday at 9/8c.

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Aug 25, 2008 4:30PM EDT

Can't wait!! What a great review :) It makes me even more excited for tomorrow night!! I'm glad to hear the Casey/Evan/Cappie tension still exists. I was worried poor Casey would be left high and dry after the finale. They're my favorite triangle!

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