Glee Season 1, Episode 2: 'Showmance' Review - Featured

After a four month long break since its preview pilot episode, Glee made its fall premiere last night with 'Showmance!'

Because I allowed myself to watch too many of the promos Fox put out to make sure people didn't forget about Glee for that long break, I was a little nervous about the shift that seemed to be happening with the music performances.

In the car wash promo, for instance, it looked like instead of the songs being all about the glee club actually performing, they were planning to break out in over-produced song at anytime, anywhere.

While the car wash scene didn't take place in the 2nd episode, there were a few musical numbers that were pre-recorded and slightly overdone, but they did still happen as part of a glee practice or tryout, so it at least seems like that value will stick around. (Perhaps the car wash scene is a fantasy we'll get later which sounds okay to me now and then.)

Though I did miss having more of the realistic song performances, I found the rest delivered in the episode didn't disappoint at all!

I loved the humor to death including absolutely everything that came out of Sue's inappropriate mouth and every hilariously overdone facial expression and action from her dramatically dropping her smoothie on the floor upon discovering Rachel and Finn using her photocopier to her outrage about the sex glee dared to present at the pep rally.

While Sue's over-the-top character does dominate the comedy of the show, I was glad to see everyone else holding their own including Emma's shockingly hysterical and inappropriate comment to Rachel that her lack of gag reflex making her fail at being bulimic would be helpful later in life, and Ken's fantastic speech to Emma about how she couldn't do better than him, especially in that town.

And, as we're on Ken's speech, I was disappointed to see Emma get convinced by Ken that she couldn't do better so that she agreed to go out with him. I don't imagine that will go anywhere, but I wish they had drummed up someone else for her to date that could cause a little more real romantic tension. With Ken, it's obvious it's only to make it clear to Will that he wasn't being fair to Emma by having such a close friendship with her that could never be more.

Before all that, though, I did adore getting a few very cute moments between Will and Emma including her sharing her story of why she's so obsessed with cleanliness making him put chalk on her nose and wipe it off to try to help her deal. But while they are beyond adorable in the scenes they have some good conversation and mild flirting, I was also glad to see her realize she had to back off since they're both such good people that who we would hate to see cheat together.

At the same time, while Emma's properly pulling away from Will, I feel like this 2nd episode reinforced Terri's craziness and neediness to the point that there's no way the audience can like her and be rooting for them to make it. I'd imagine if Glee continues into Season 2, it'd be very likely that we could already see Emma and Will getting together by then.

But in the meantime, I think they're doing a great job of developing the main characters and their love triangles as not only Emma and Will suffer, but also poor Rachel and Finn! I was surprised to see Finn go ahead and kiss Rachel while still with Quinn, but I suppose that just heightens the drama and was sweet enough to show he's not a jerk.

And so the hilarious and sweet drama will continue as Quinn and her Cheerio buddies join glee to "support" Finn, and Will's wife continues to play along with her fake pregnancy though she's aware the baby is... a chicken wing.

I know I certainly can't wait for many more great Glee episodes to gleek out to, so how about you? Are you pumped for the rest of Glee's first season?

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Default avatar cat
Sep 10, 2009 6:05PM EDT

Wow...we are on the same wavelength with this Kendra...I didn't see the promos, so I can't comment on them, but your thoughts are very similar to the one's I just posted in my discussion a little while ago...I hadn't read this prior to posting, but I definitely agree with your take on the show. I thought Ken's speech was great too...and I'm glad Will & Emma didn't "go there," b/c they are too nice & sweet for that, but do I want his wife to go kick rocks somewhere far, far away from Will, so he and Emma can be together? Yes : ) There were so many things to love in this epi and I am definitely looking forward to the upcoming epis.

Sep 11, 2009 2:22AM EDT

i agree with you both the only problem i have is that i think we were spoilt by having such a great song in the first episode and i was expecting the same (serves me right for been old) maybe they will do more old classic rock songs i can sing to later but apart from that a fantastic show

Default avatar cat
Sep 11, 2009 5:30PM EDT

Yeah, I love "Don't Stop Believin"...I'm hoping they will keep covering great songs...speaking of classic rock songs, I would like them to do "Hotel California" and have Will sing lead.

Default avatar cat
Sep 12, 2009 5:19AM EDT

The biggest problem with the show I had was I liked the promo but it was Don't Stop Believin that sucked me into loving it, I did not like the song choices and the singing just seemed so fake until the last song I would like to get it back to a more realistic sound and not so much hip hop

Default avatar cat
Sep 23, 2009 8:04PM EDT

I have to say, after watching episode 2 of Glee I immediately signed onto sidereel to see what you had to say about it, Kendra! I'm glad you found the humor in the same things that I did - ESPECIALLY that noteworthy gag reflex comment....! I must say- each episode feels like I'm watching a movie because it's so action-packed with plot twists (finn and rachel apart.. together.. apart)... But really, the singing is definitely a little too premeditated and fake for my liking... I was insanely embarrassed for the glee club when they pulled out their interpretation of Push It in front of their whole high school... that definitely wouldnt have gone over as 'cool' in MY high school back in the day..... ANYWAY - excellent review, as always, kendra!

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