The Bachelor: A Spot of Tea with your Bitterness?

While Matt Grant isn't the funniest guy ever to head up The Bachelor (Bob Guiney is a tough act to follow), he is proving to be pretty entertaining.

How can you not LOVE a British guy impersonating a British accent?? Crazy kid. He was really poking fun at Robin who turned a little bit English during the group date high tea after tennis, but how could he not when she went on about her parents' coffeemaker-looking tea maker forever?

But, while all the girls despise Robin for being annoying and pushy, Matt still likes her and feels some sort of connection with her. She is a bit annoying, but she's much more real than many of the girls, so that's probably what Matt's seeing that the other girls don't get.

For instance, Matt prefers chatting and joking with Robin over trying to avert his eyes from the train wreck of Kelly who thought it was genius to flash her boobs and then stumble around (while still sitting down) talking with Matt before elimination.

Yeah, I think I see the draw of girls like Robin. While it wasn't too shocking to see Robin stay and Kelly head home, it was shocking to see the results of the 2-on-1 date!

This was probably set up because of that very fact - we had Holly and Marshana on this date, and all the girls (and all of us at home) expected the expected of Holly staying and Marshana going home since Matt already had a great connection with Holly on last week's one-on-one date, and has barely spent time with Marshana.

But surprise, surprise, Matt decided he'd already seen things through with the adorable Holly as she just wasn't opening up and he just wanted no more. Sad, but at least we get the chance to have Marshana stick around longer to yell at all the girls in the house next week - now that's the kind of drama we're looking for!

Now Matt's down to just Amanda, Chelsea, Marshana, Noelle, Robin, and Shayne. No wonder the drama heats up down to the final 6 ladies who are certainly all very different, but many of them strong personalities... let the good times roll!


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