American Idol: Cutting Down to the Final 4

Is it just me, or should the final four contestants in a nationwide competition like American Idol all be able to rock our socks off with every single performance?

Forget human, Simon, you're giving us mixed messages - do you want amazing or human?? Well, we got our answer for what America wants last night (kind of) as the cut for the final five was Brooke White.

It's been a matter of time, really, for those like Brooke, but she was truly lovable and amazing with her disastrous moments aside.

With the final two contestants shaking on the stage last night as Brooke and Syesha, it was the same as last week, minus Carly. Now will next week be the same now minus Brooke leaving Syesha the cheese to stand alone?

I have to say, at this point, I think Syesha has struggled, but she's proven to actually be more deserving of a final three spot than Jason.

Yeah, I said it ladies. And by ladies, I mean all the thirteen-year-old girls out there in love with Jason. Yes, he's adorable and he's ridiculously charming, so let's all vote him off this competition where he's just looking worse and worse for not having a full musical range, and enjoy the great Jason-style CD he'll come out soon enough.

He's great at what he does, but he just doesn't have the ability to rock everything he's given, which I would think is something we'd want from our American Idol.

Okay, maybe not every single song ever, but at least make the very best of everything like both David Cook and David Archuleta are incredibly capable of.

So now with the darling but expected Brooke eliminated, if it's not a battle for that final three spot between Syesha and Jason, I'm sure everyone would be shocked.

Could David Cook's impressive talent wear off on some voters and could David Archuleta's amazingness plus his lethal adorableness wear off?

It seems the final two just wouldn't be fair any way about it without it being a David vs. David showdown, but it could just be a toss up with Syesha's recent rise in popularity - look out Davids!

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May 3, 2008 12:55AM EDT

Simon was right; this was a weird week and I'm not talking about Paula. Contestants got to contemporize not 1 but 2 songs from Neil Diamond (who wasn't contemporary when he was at the top of the charts), Simon gets in touch with his first crush, and results night kicked off with what may be the worst group performance EVER.
...and the individual performances? I agree Jason has reached his limit but his rendition of "Forever in Blue Jeans" was second only to David C's numbers. The rest were just awful and that includes David A who is usually nothing less than boring. Carly's performance last week was better than anything this week.
I think the reason the hype keeps calling this years contestants the most talented ever is to cover the truth. They suck harder than Taylor Hicks.

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