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Butt-Kicking Babes: Who would you choose to defend you? - Featured

If you found yourself between a rock and a hard place, say you're in a dark alley surrounded by goons or find yourself confronted with a Smoke Monster, a vampire, or a rogue escaped criminal, and could have one butt-kicking babe come to your rescue, who would you choose?

Personally, I would go with Dollhouse's Echo or Chuck's Sarah since they're always finding ways to creatively kick butt and leave no one (good) behind - what about you? Here are some favs from our Top 10 Butt-Kicking Babes plus a few more, so take your pick from this list or from any butt-kicking babe of TV we've left out.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer - Buffy Summers

Alias - Sydney Bristow

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles - Sarah Connor or Cameron

Smallville - Lois Lane and Chloe Sullivan

Heroes - Claire Bennet or Elle

Chuck - Sarah Walker

Dollhouse - Echo

Lost - Kate Austen

Veronica Mars - Veronica Mars

Dark Angel - Max

Burn Notice - Fiona

In Plain Sight - Mary Shannon

Battlestar Galactica - Starbuck

Kyle XY - Jessi


| 13:48 EDT, 26 Jul, 2009
V Mars
| 06:21 EDT, 18 Jul, 2009
Buffy, or Max from Dark Angel - they both have superstrength and speed, and can easily kick ass.
| 18:24 EDT, 12 Jul, 2009
I would pick river on firefly, she may be crazy but she could kill anyone of the other women.
| 01:50 EDT, 09 Jul, 2009
Willow or River. I love all the babes from the Whedon shows, but they are my favorites.
| 07:53 EDT, 25 Jun, 2009
it'd be a tie...buffy or echo OR all three charas! ^^
| 01:10 EDT, 22 Jun, 2009
Burn Notice- Fiona
| 13:22 EDT, 20 Jun, 2009
BUFFY, hands down! Can't get much better than having the Slayer on your side. Another overlooked candidate who should definitely be on the list is Illyria (from Angel). Especially before some of her powers were stripped (but even after) she had some pretty bad-ass skills!
| 21:29 EDT, 17 Jun, 2009
I would pick Willow from Buffy because man, was she scary when she was evil
| 11:17 EDT, 03 Jun, 2009
I would say Buffy...or River from Firefly
| 10:47 EDT, 03 Jun, 2009
buffy defo she can beat anything!!! robots to vampires shes the woman!!
| 16:33 EDT, 27 May, 2009
I totally agree with NejTilSvampe ^^but from the list i would have to say Max from Dark Angel, or maybe Jessi from Kyle XY cause both can kick ass, but if it was a fight between the three of them, it would be Kara all the way :D
| 23:06 EDT, 26 May, 2009
River Tam from Firefly :PBut as a second choice Cameron
| 18:22 EDT, 26 May, 2009
Cameron, definitely.
| 18:04 EDT, 26 May, 2009
what about rommie from andromeda? she's a warship that can obliterate an entire planet in under 10 minutes...also i think she can kick cameron's ass
| 23:18 EDT, 25 May, 2009
Willow from Buffy fame, especially dark willow, (after Tara dies.) She might be evil but if something needs fighting she could obliterate anyone else on this list. I figure Cameron is about the equivalent to Adam from Buffy season 4 and magic beat him. Willow at the peak of her power can literally destroy the world for offense, and can put up force fields to block anything for defense. Plus it's possible I might be able to learn from her and get power of my own. Don't think you can say that about anyone else on this list. Down side is gay so I couldn't hit it... but echo is probably the only one of these girls who'd let you anyway, (and she's cool for sure, but only human.)
| 18:58 EDT, 24 May, 2009
uuh duh! Kara from smallville ofcourse... she's invinsible, and super hot'n'sexy !
| 05:56 EDT, 23 May, 2009
Buffy's great but I'd prefer a little hard wicca protection from her side kicks to be honest. DEFINITELY Veronica Mars, who else has the contacts to get a car crushed on short notice? Oh, and Clare doesn't protect, she makes you want to protect her.
| 13:44 EDT, 16 May, 2009
well Buffy never confronted a smoke monster, but i am sure she would find a way to stop anybody or anything that would try to harm a defenseless person.
| 12:35 EDT, 15 May, 2009
Hmmm hard to say............Its a toss up between Cameron Buffy and Veronica mars/Elle Bishop,For a bit of sassyness i'd pic veronica, she kicks arse without bein super strong, and has a great quip to go with it plus mr sparky her taser is pretty lethal and her dog backup, and ya no if someone did hurt me she'd stop at nothin for revenge......that girl can hold a grudgeCourse Elle would prop rather fry me than protect me but she'd be entertaining until she lost interest which wouldn't be long, she has the attention span of a fleaCameron would draw far to much attention 2 me, hot girl like that ppl are bound to stare and don't think she make much for company she's not one for conversation or jokes, and if the mission called for it she'd take out her chip give it to cromartie/john henry and LEAVE ME!!! snif snif Soooo i'd have to go for the buffster, whitty but deadly even if i'd have to do the research so she no's how to kill whatever wud be after me :)
| 14:15 EDT, 08 May, 2009
Echo, Buffy, and/or Sarah Walker. My butt-kicking babe has got to be a sexy butt-kicking babe. plus i want to bone them all.
| 07:27 EDT, 06 May, 2009
Sydney Bristow, or Cameron x]
| 21:00 EDT, 05 May, 2009
| 17:06 EDT, 01 May, 2009
I was thinking Sarah Connor but I would have to go with Sarah Walker, who would kick butt looking really,... REALLY good. Plus, she knows karate or something, which is incredibly awsome. That's butt-kicking with style!
| 16:54 EDT, 01 May, 2009
Buffy with Sarah Walker coming in a close second.
| 23:45 EDT, 30 Apr, 2009
Gotta go with Echo. She's fully customizable. Anyone on this list can kick butt and save your life. She'll happily bake brownies afterwards. Case closed.
| 19:41 EDT, 30 Apr, 2009
I think I would go with Cameron from Sarah Connor, she is practically in destructable. Mabye Max from Dark Angel but she would probably get hurt pretty easily.
| 16:47 EDT, 30 Apr, 2009
Definatly Cameron, shes a Terminator for crying out loud, (plus Summer Glau was River Tam...River Tam, people!). I would also propose Olivia Dunham from Fringe, I would stare down a lot of creepy stuff if she had my back. Fiona would be awesome, but it would be way more fun to fight with her than have her strait up defending me.
| 14:55 EDT, 30 Apr, 2009
Wow, there are way too many awesome choices here! I mean, I'd love Buffy or Echo... and hell yeah to the Zoe addition! I'd also love Fiona to defend me... she is so tough! I'm so addicted to Burn Notice lately that I almost can't stand it, waiting for the new season in a month!
| 13:41 EDT, 30 Apr, 2009
Okay I'm theowing one out there that wasn't on the the list Zoe from Firefly, or Cameron.
| 12:06 EDT, 30 Apr, 2009
| 11:41 EDT, 30 Apr, 2009
Cameron by Summer Glau, quite literally a killing machine!
| 10:24 EDT, 30 Apr, 2009
Easy: Buffy. she is great in a fight, and willing to sacrifice herself for me, and is she does, will probably come back to life again.
| 08:50 EDT, 30 Apr, 2009
defs Veronica Mars
| 08:49 EDT, 30 Apr, 2009
Cameron or Echo because they can both be programmed!
| 08:45 EDT, 30 Apr, 2009
It has to be Sarah Walker from Chuck, 1 because that show is awesome 2 because she kicks ass just as much as Chucks other handler Casey and 3 because she is so friggin hot especially when shes beating someone up
| 06:57 EDT, 30 Apr, 2009
No contest - Cameron is a frickin' Terminator, for crying out loud! She could take anyone else on this list, and then promptly self-repair, if she even needed it.
| 01:58 EDT, 30 Apr, 2009
tough one between max and cameron from dark angel and sarah conner. both very hott indeed, both gentically enhanced, one human, one machine. both have good and bad points, max being human, cameron machine. max may hesitate due to human emotions, cameron not thinking about consequences. max easily hurt, cameron can't fight a guy throwing a microwave at her head. the list could go on, but some dirty questions and comments come to mind. like, you can do it with max, but would she let you? or you can do it with cameron, but would you want to, with her being a machine? always makes me wonder why john picked cameron to watch his back. summer glau is bloody hott(thats not talking in the fictional sense) so im completely split between the two (for the fictional sense)
| 01:58 EDT, 30 Apr, 2009
Cameron. Literally a machine(terminator) knives do nothing, would take more bullets then a single person could carry before she would be taken down. Also has great ability to kill any unwanted birds.
| 00:32 EDT, 30 Apr, 2009
Claire bennet has never kicked ass. ever. she can take a beating, but she never doles them out. that being said Summer Glau is the best ass-kicking babe ever.. she's effing hot and graceful while beating people into oblivion.
| 22:37 EDT, 29 Apr, 2009
Buffy. She kicked total ass 24/7... even when she was dead, Robot Buffy took over kicking ass!
| 22:12 EDT, 29 Apr, 2009
ecko from dollhouse is versitile or the cheerleader in heroes!!!
| 21:21 EDT, 29 Apr, 2009
Cameron ... i dont even know why peapol are voing for anyone else!!
| 20:36 EDT, 29 Apr, 2009
Got to be Sarah Walker she may take a kicking but she keeps on going.
| 20:33 EDT, 29 Apr, 2009
Absolutely Fiona in Burn Notice. She's super hot and knows how to use every gun imaginable.
| 20:18 EDT, 29 Apr, 2009
Sydney Bristow. for sure. Echo could just be called back to the Dollhouse to be reprogrammed!
| 17:47 EDT, 29 Apr, 2009
it would have to be echo

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