True Blood: 'Plaisir D'Amour'

This week's True Blood didn't bring us all the answers we may have liked, but it brought some very interesting plot developments and some answers too!

Last week's episode ended very abruptly with Sookie and Bill in Fangtasia with Sookie reading the minds of the employees to figure out who was stealing from the bar. She realized from the final woman she interviewed that the woman had been aiding in the stealing, but because she had been glamored. Just as the woman was thinking how "he" was going to kill her, that very "he," the Fangtasia bartender, Long Shadow, leapt over the bar with his fangs bared to attack Sookie! Very subtle way to look innocent, buddy.

So this week we got back to that cliff-hanger of a scene to see Long Shadow almost strangle and bite Sookie, only to be stabbed in the back and killed by Bill. But could we just have a slightly shocking moment of vampire murder? No. Long Shadow had to go and spew an enormous... and I mean outrageously enormous... amount of blood all over Sookie, entirely soaking her and the floor until he melted. Gross does not even begin to describe it!

It became clear immediately that it was far from okay with the vampire code for a vampire to kill another vampire in defense of a human, and it also became more clear that Sookie is awesome and totally weird, or should I say... special... as she did freak out about being covered in vampire, but when the lady vampire came to give her new clothes (nice excuse for Sookie to wear a ridiculous, tight leather dress), the vampire said she needed to change because she had vampire in her cleavage, and Sookie simply thanked the vampire for taking it out for her. Oh, Sookie.

I suppose she's just become desensitized by all the horrible things going on around her, but her reactions do make for some funny moments in the middle of utter horror, which I think is a big reason why so many people have gotten hooked on this show.

But while Sookie was impressing the vampires, that didn't cut it for getting Bill out of trouble. Just as Bill was starting to relax playing a little bit of Wii golf, the vampires came to call on him to go to a vampire council to decide what would happen to him for killing another vampire. Sookie very sorrowfully said goodbye to him, and Bill left after saying goodbye to Sookie, and asking Sam to protect her.

In this request, I was getting the feeling that Bill knew Sam could protect her in a special way like Bill could - could Bill sense Sam's ability to shape shift or whatever it is Sam does? Or did Bill just ask Sam because he knew how much Sam cared about Sookie, so Bill knew Sam would be the best to look out for her?

Either way about it, this led to the revelation that Sam is that dog we've seen running around as he took off in dog form to spend the night watching over Sookie while she stayed at Bill's house - only to leave us with another, though funnier, cliffhanger like last week as Sookie woke up in the night to discover not her dog friend at the end of her bed, but the naked Sam!

Let's see how that one works out! Of course, Sookie would be the one to actually believe you if you told her you could turn into a dog, so maybe it'll work out just fine.

But what I wonder here - and note, I haven't read the books - how is it that we've seen Sam and the dog together if he is the dog? And does this accidental nude human form mean Sam doesn't always have control over how he changes?

Besides all Sookie's drama in this episode, Jason continued his relationship with Amy, including going against his conscience telling him not to keep the vampire hostage. It's good to see Jason changing, but Amy is very suspicious and it seems like there's more going on with her than we've seen so far which can't be good. Look out, Jason!

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Default avatar cat
Nov 3, 2008 3:11PM EST

Well, i though it was absloutley adorable the way that Sam ( the dog) looked away when sookie took off her shorts. the cliff hanger was HILARIOUS. I freaking hate AMY. whys she still here? she dosn't add anything to the story. Jason is shaping into an intresting charcter every epiosde:d Can't wait for more of this hot stuff:D

Default avatar cat
Nov 3, 2008 4:25PM EST

yes I agree I like Tara and Jason, their characters are so rich and so rightfully portrayed, I mean when I watch other show and how they act comedy-like, with dumb jokes or too serious dialogues (CSI, House...), True Blood characters make you travel just with their acting! Yes I very liked this episode I read the books and itis obvious that there is so much more to come, so much fairytale, drama and romance! I like the show since the beginning and is now totally addicted.Plus Kendra I really found your comment smart and achieved!

Default avatar cat
Nov 3, 2008 5:30PM EST

about shapeshifters:you never actually see Sam with the dog actually, you do see the dog around Sookie when Sam runs off from the bar. when he leaves he runs back, puts on his clothes and pretends to have been waiting for her... no he doesn't always have control over it, same full moon principle... the only real difference between Weres (Werewolves) and Shifters(other wereanimals) is just the social problems: Weres find themselves superior to regular shifters (if you can't be a wolf why change at all?) and shifters find Weres mildly barbaric (they have a lot of blue collar jobs and usually frequent biker gangs). Sam isn't as scorned by local were pack as most because of his being a pure shifter (can change into anything) though he stays to himself mostly.As to why he was running through the forest the next morning... um well, see his brain works very simply in that state, so he wasn't thinking far enough ahead to say "hey I might need some clothes." Why he didn't turn to run back is because it takes a lot of energy to turn when it isn't full moon, this is also why Sam woke up on Sookie's bed in his original state.

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Nov 3, 2008 5:32PM EST

wow that was typo's galore but Idc enough to rewrite it~

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Nov 3, 2008 7:54PM EST

I kind of love and hate the tribunal thing. In the books, isn't Eric the one to kill Long Shadow to save Sookie? Or at least to punish him anyways. He mentions that there was a price to pay, I guess I'd always assumed it was money xD but him killing Long Shadow kind of makes him a more endearing and less cold character, and it's like the complete opposite in the show.
As for Sam and Bill, in the books I'm pretty sure it's Sam who saves Sookie from the people in the parking lot in the first episode, and then Bill comes and Sam either tells him or Bill just senses it. (There are a lot of I thinks/I'm pretty sures... I haven't read the bookes in ages xD)

Default avatar cat
Nov 3, 2008 9:45PM EST

Immediately after I heard the she's a psychopath thing...I think Amy might be the murderer. We'll have to see how it comes out. I liked the vampire death sequence, it was so over the top, lol.

Default avatar cat
Nov 3, 2008 10:33PM EST

Even though i know this book came out frist i can't stop the twilight thinking!Sam... well he is wierd... he even snores like a dog the first time they had sex she realize he was wierd. He is actually this is one wierd episode that amy is a wierd down.. but not normal down to earth creepy girl. she has something dark in or with her!

Default avatar cat
Nov 4, 2008 11:55AM EST

steeaii, you do actually see Sam with the dog early on, maybe in the first or second episode. He is sitting on the steps of his trailer and the dog comes up to him and he pets it. It is the morning after Sookie is attacked, I believe, outside the bar.

Default avatar cat
Nov 4, 2008 12:35PM EST

I thought Sam mightve been the dog, but then I remembered we DID see them together, so it couldnt have been...Anyway, nice episode, I liked Bill Wii-ing XD And the way he was all....tough when he went to the bar to say bye to sookie( which was just really sad, altho she seemed to get over it quickly enough) I never saw the fuss about Eric, but after that episode....dont like his face, but he seems to have REALLY nice body ;) And Amy is just REALLY annoying..and evil probs =p

Default avatar cat
Nov 4, 2008 8:57PM EST

Maybe Sam has a dog too. and OMG Eric is sooo hot and I think his face is gorgeous.

Default avatar cat
Nov 5, 2008 5:54AM EST

I am definitely starting to think that Amy is the psycho killer on the loose. She is just whacko enough that it makes sense.

Default avatar cat
Nov 9, 2008 6:53AM EST

The two dogs you are talking about are different i think. When in Plaisair D'amour Sam runs out of the Bar and runs into the detective he turns around runs back inside and emerges as a dog(?) but this dog is golden and white - it has long hair.. more of a collie look - the dog that sookie sees is a brown and white..The brown and white dog is also the one that greeted Sam on his porch steps in the earlier episode.
The image on Sams wall is of alonger haired dog (like the golden one..)
I am not sure if the dogs being different colours is on purpouse or is accidental - but it seems to me that when they spend so much time on details (in other parts of the show) its hardly likely they would screw that up... though i may be wrong.
Sam is definitly a shifter of some type.

Default avatar cat
Nov 10, 2008 4:31AM EST

I knew the dog was Sam. A clue is we saw him naked in the forest and he howls in his sleep. I also think Amy is the killer. Idk why she would want to kill Sookie but she seems totally beyond reasoning. She got so crazy for that v that it's highly possible that she is the killer. The death scene was so over the top that I was laughing. The blond was screaming so much. I was like SHUT UP.

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