The Office 'Business Ethics': Too Awkward or Totally Funny?

From what I've seen of the British version, The Office (UK), it's hilarious, but sometimes a little too awkward. The American The Office has its awkward moments as well, but is always played off in I suppose a more upfront "American" way that often side-steps the painfully awkward into silly awkward and always funny.

But in this week's episode, "Business Ethics," I was squirming! I loved the way the episode turned out for Michael and Holly, but I felt so awful for Holly most of the episode and for Michael half the time, and for the rest of the group with the Meredith situation... just too much awkward and not enough laughs!

What did you think? Was "Business Ethics" too awkward or still classically Office funny?

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Default avatar cat
Oct 10, 2008 1:46AM EDT

definitely awkward.....altho i thot it was funny that michael was trying so hard to impress holly, but ended up offending her and he got offended as well in the process, but he still came to her defense and aid...but overall awkward and i thot it could have been funnier....and that rough...i've loved the office since in came on '05....but yeah didnt do much for me tonight

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Oct 10, 2008 2:10AM EDT

I think awkward situations are the essence of the Office. The show would be pointless without them. I found the episode in which Michael and Jan host couples night was one of those episodes that epitomized that type of humor. For some reason, I didn't find the awkwardness of this episode all that striking

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Oct 10, 2008 3:20AM EDT

I thought it was really funny, definitley better than the first episode from this season. Jim clocking how much time dwight wastes. Michael tellling everyone to get in the conference room or he would kill them. Michael being immature with holly not giving her any coffee and making her wait to use the copy while he copied a picture he took off the wall. Definitely funny not awkward, but as everyone has said, the office is the king of awkard humor so either way it still works.

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Oct 10, 2008 10:15AM EDT

Too funny, One of the funniest I have seen. Jim with the stop watch classic, Dwight peeing at his desk, Michael throwing away Holly's lunch, a Lobster lunch , I mean come on. I agree with ak10 The Office is the king of akward humor thats the backbone ,please tell me you've never had an akward moment that you wish there was a camera there to look directly at. Watch the deleted scenes and you'll get it more. Can't wait for next thursday.

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Oct 10, 2008 2:46PM EDT

Too awkward! But still funny. I have seen much funnier episodes for sure, but the stopwatch was pretty good. The moment where Holly brings her coffee mug over is awkward also, when Michael just walks away (Amazing how he's blown it with her so quickly....) Also the whole Meredith thing and the fact that George Wallace OK'd it is bizarre even more so than the Dwight and Angela scandel...
All in all, it's getting good, even if this episode wasn't so funny.

Oct 11, 2008 9:06PM EDT

Mista_g hit it right on...I don't really have anything to add to his statement.

Default avatar cat
Oct 13, 2008 11:57PM EDT

Both awkward and funny. While I would hate it if every episode was like this, the occasional super-awkward episode is something this show needs, and I always welcome it.

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Oct 14, 2008 12:04PM EDT

Well it was DEFINITELY awkward to an extreme, but I think that's pretty standard for the show. What made it so NOTICEABLY awkward, though, was that there were few side-stories going on. Usually there's the main office screw-up featuring Michael but it's framed by Jam cuteness, Andy annoyingness or Dwight and Angela...ness. This week there were a few tiny little snips of (hilarious) Jim with stopwatch but that was pretty much it. I think that did affect the show a little negatively but it's not like I'm going to throw a fit about it, I am just REALLY hoping that Michael and Holly don't become the new featured couple. I couldn't handle that.

Default avatar cat
Oct 15, 2008 7:49PM EDT

I loved this episode. i love the scene where hollys date didnt call and u think that michael is gonna take he, but rips the tickets instead lolol.
but my favorite part has to be when jim is talking to andy about battlestar gallactica, and dwight is about to explode on jim but he just shows him the stopwatch... good stuff. i love this show!

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