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About a month ago, we listed our 10 Favorite episodes of How I Met Your Mother, so we decided while we are missing Weeds to do the same thing for yet another superb comedy on television!

Weeds returns to Showtime with new episodes on June 8th.

Without further ado, here they are:

1.5 Lude Awakening - Nancy finally sees that selling drugs is in fact...dangerous...as she survives a drive-by shooting at Heylia's. Also, Andy wants in on the business ("This is my moment. I was born to cook drugs. ") and Celia acts weirdly after her cancer diagnosis.

1.10 The Godmother - A strong conclusion to the show's first season, Nancy learns the truth about Peter's working for the DEA and hilariously, Andy gets drafted.

2.2 Cooking with Jesus - Best portion of this episode focuses on Andy's quest to get into rabbinical school because he can avoid the draft if he were to be a rabbi. Additionally, Nancy wants to get her business started and attends a marijuana convention with Andy and Doug.

2.3 Last Tango in Agrestic - Contains Andy's masturbation or "jerk socks" speech to Shane. Enough said.

2.11 Yeah, Just Like Tomatoes - The setup for the season finale, things fall apart between Nancy and Peter. What's just like tomatoes? Selling drugs! (says Nancy to her younger son, Shane)

2.12 Pittsburgh - This second season finale offered the show's best cliffhanger; we won't spoil it entirely in case you haven't watched the show yet...but let's just say Nancy is being held at gunpoint by multiple parties.

3.7 He Taught Me How to Drive By - This was a favorite of mine due to the sheer ridiculousness of U-Turn and his gang deciding to use Priuses as their automobiles of choice upon seeing Nancy's. As U-Turn explains, "they're real quiet motherf******." And of course, U-Turn teaches Nancy how to drive-by.

3.10 Go - The season 3 finale and the beginning of a sort of paradigm shift for the program (alas, not necessarily for the better) as the show's setting of Agrestic, well, burns down. Nonetheless, Mary Louise Parker was especially fantastic in this episode and Doug played the banjo.

3.12 The Dark Time - Some romantic..developments..between Nancy and Conrad occur in this episode. I also enjoyed the conversation between Nancy and Shane on how Nancy's behavior has been impacting the family's lives. I always like it when the show tries to bring itself back to reality a little...and reminds us of the show's premise from the start.

4.5 No Man is Pudding I wasn't particularly wild about Season 4 of Weeds, mainly due to what the show did with Nancy's character, so it's not surprising that this was my favorite Season 4 episode since it focused on one of the show's best supporting characters...Andy. In this episode, Andy befriends a group of immigrants after being left behind by Nancy.

Are these your favorite episodes of Weeds as well? As a whole...I think Season 2 was definitely my favorite! Have different faves? Share in comments!



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Apr 4, 2009 1:26AM EDT

I agree about season 4. Watched it majorly for Andy (haha the immigrants), Doug and Shane (who is BAD ASS!). Celia is hilarious. Silas' fling is incredibly annoying, was glad she was booted. The Quinn comeback could be good.
Nancy seems to be getting over smart, like some kingpin drug lord. I liked it when she didn't know what she was doing. I liked the part where she's stuck in traffic in Mexico and buys the many souvenirs off the road.

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Apr 23, 2009 7:57PM EDT

i think you picked them pretty accurately.although i have to say episode 4.09 "Little Boats" was one of my favourite. The whole speech between Nancy and Shane and Silas that interchanged between Shane's porn photos and Silas' romance with Lisa was excellently written.
And I agree about the Quinn comeback. She was an excellent character, and i was so disappointed to see her go in the first episode.
Episode 4.04 "The Three Coolers" was pretty good as well. But my favourite episode is definitely 3.15 "Go" which you included, so we agreed about that.


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Jun 2, 2009 7:35AM EDT

I agree about season 2, it was the best one with sharply drawn characters and a lot of fun and suspense.3.15 "Go" would have been the perfect ending for weeds. As you mentioned the program didn't get any better from there.

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