Premiere Week Fav TV Couples: What will happen with JAM, Mer-Der, and Betty?

With the big premieres of some of our fav fall shows this week, specifically the thrilling premieres of Thursday, there are plenty of edge-of-your-seat couple questions to be answered!

So, what are your predictions of what's to come this season for these in-limbo couples?

The Office Couples:

*What will happen with Jim & Pam? Has JAM gotten engaged over the summer? (If so, we must kill the writers!) Has Jim gotten discouraged or is he waiting for the next perfect moment to propose? Will Pam be feeling uneasy and getting unhappy with Jim if he hasn't proposed?

*What will happen with Angela/Dwight/Andy? Ah, yes, Andy - the evil ruiner of all that is good and JAM! His proposal to Angela may have destroyed the perfect JAM night, but it didn't ruin Dwight's night as much as we would think!

*How about Michael? Will he and Holly get together or will Michael's non-fatherhood with Jan destroy it?

Grey's Anatomy Couples:

*What happened after the Mer-Der cliffhanger of Meredith proclaiming her love and Derek running away to break things off with Rose?

*Promos show Rose telling Derek she's pregnant - where will this take them?

*What will happen with George and Lexie?

*How about our new fav couple possibility, Callie and Erica??

Ugly Betty Couple(s):

*Yes, this one's pretty straight-forward - who will Betty choose? Henry? Gio? No one?

Comment with your predictions as we await these thrilling couple answers (or hints thereof!) with their returns Thursday night!

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Sep 23, 2008 6:34PM EDT

AUGGGH!!! i heard that the first couple of episodes of the Office will be when pam is away!!! but i did hear some rumors of fake rain? sounds like a very cool way to propose... out in the rain

Large newrachelimage

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Sep 23, 2008 8:40PM EDT

I think Andy and Angela won't last.JAM will happen...the question is just...when? I am hoping that the show does it sooner rather than later. We don't need another Ross/Rachel type of a situation. But I'm thinking Jim will be discouraged at first...I'm also totally rooting for Michael/Holly, but from the promos it looks like we might get some Michael/Jan hilarity at first...In terms of Grey's, I think all of those couples are definitely happening and in regards to the Rose baby business -ABC is just being big fat liars (probably a dream sequence).

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Feb 25, 2016 3:01PM EST

Betty's love life seems a bit harder to guess first because we see on the spoilers that she meets another guy.This maybe a false track or her new option.There are no rings on her hand when she hugs her father goodbye at the end of Jump.This might indicate that she is not going with henry.Again she might have gone with Gio (which i hope with all my heart). But the appearance of the new guy gives us doubts.Cant wait till tomorrow!

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