Modern Family Season 1, Episode 1: Did ABC Hit the Comedy Jackpot? - Featured

It's hard to get excited about ABC sitcoms since, as noted in Zap2it's Modern Family Review, ABC either has comedy flops, or those either canceled too soon or in constant cancellation danger like Samantha Who?, Miss/Guided, and Better Off Ted.

But this one looks special. And, after watching the Pilot, I give this one a big thumbs up for not only not being a disappointment, but for being fantastically funny!! This isn't one of those silly, over-the-top sitcoms like Arrested Development and its wanna-be, Better Off Ted, but is a comedy about the humor in real life, and thank the TV gods, the unconventional family... for real.

We're not just talking a wacky family still with a mom, a dad, two kids and a dog, but a truly modern family with all sorts of normal, everyday issues right along with the big ones like good ol' dad not accepting his gay son now not only living with his boyfriend, but adopting a baby.

I felt like the pilot was perfectly funny but understated as it introduced the families, let us get a feel for the hilariousness of aspects like modern dad trying to be hip to the texting and lingo, and the little things like dealing with telling one's parents about something you know they won't like, forget that you're a full-grown adult. Then there's all the rest of that everyday stuff taken up a notch, much like The Office perfectly captures the ridiculous funny moments of office life, but exaggerated juuust right. (May I note Modern Family Pilot moments here including cream puffs, "The Circle of Life," and WTF = what's with the face?)

So what did you think? Did ABC find a real comedy hit here, or will this be another one that is actually great, but no one catches on to? Or did you expect something a lot more laugh-out-loud hilarious, or something else entirely different leaving you disappointed?



Default avatar cat
Sep 24, 2009 7:30AM EDT

I dont think you can judge after the first episode becuase virtually every scene was already shown in trailers and sneak peeks so a lot of the episode was ruined before being viewed. The father shooting his son, then the boy his daughter brought home was pretty funny though.

Default avatar cat
Sep 24, 2009 7:56AM EDT

Living outside the U.S. I never heard of this show before and just thought I would give it a chance. And I absolutely loved it! Hilarious pilot, one can only hope the next few episodes will be even funnier.

Default avatar cat
Sep 24, 2009 9:50AM EDT

this pilot is just right. if future episodes go on like this one, I'll be a fan.

Default avatar cat
Sep 24, 2009 1:46PM EDT

I've watched about 10-15 minutes of it so far, and it's kind of amusing. but it's nothnig more than an "Office" copy. The mockumentary shakey cam, the way we're exposed to these normal people's lives even though they are a little too un-normal to be real. And the subtle monologue as they talk to the camera people.
With O'Neill, it has a chance to be funny. But the fact that ABC is trying to steal an idea from NBC kind of says how low ABC has sunk.

Sep 24, 2009 5:43PM EDT

loved the pilot and as was said before if the next few episodes are as funny then we have a winner which will mean the network get rid of it

Default avatar cat
Sep 27, 2009 3:45AM EDT

I am in love with this show after just one episode! i think its going to be a great show to just sit down and watch without having to keep up with plots and stuff. I cant wait for more!!!

Default avatar cat
Sep 30, 2009 2:44AM EDT

This show is absolutely fantastic but ABC has an uncanny knack for canceling shows way too early. After canceling knights of prosperity and miss/guided I gave up on ABC. But I came home and my roommate was watching the show, so I sat down and watched last half. It killed me. I caught the whole episode on time shift and I can't tell enough people about this show. Fingers crossed ABC doesn't screw the pooch one more time and cancel a very funny show.

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