Just Don't Eat the Apple: All's Fair in Love and War

Oh the trials of Survivor: China... to keep the adorable acrobat or the hot goat-impressionist?

When bonding happens on Survivor, there are always the brokenhearted who leave poor and lonely from the game.

But they will live another day... to judge to rest of 'em from the jury. Oh sweet justice.

Unless only people you liked make it to the finals in which case, suck up so maybe they'll at least take you out to dinner with their million.

Survivor romances are usually annoying yet fascinating, and they have proved to be exactly that again on this round. While none of the "couples" have gotten beyond a little flirting, they still admit their crushes which is super fun to see as adults not only try to survive in the wilderness, but try to survive a high school version of wilderness... now that's intense.

So far we've had Frosti and Courtney, Erik and Jaime, Erik and Amanda, and a little bit of James and Denise... but as James said, is she were younger, she'd be in trouble... is that sweet or scary?

As for the other young lovers, Courtney and Frosti sure were a bizarre combo. I wasn't quite sure if she voted against him last night, but nonetheless, she sure didn't fight for him which pretty well shows her loyalty.

Their flirting and cuddling annoyingness was not just disturbing because Frosti seems totally awesome except for his taste in women, but because Courtney's beyond creepy skinny (where'd she put that cheeseburger??) and mean plus Frosti really thought she was out of his league.

Can we say high school again? The cute quiet boys think the skinny mean girls are too good for them... when shall they learn?

Now for the shallowly well-matched pairs, the (slightly) sexy Erik has done alright for himself. Jaime was ditzy but sweet and cute for him, and Amanda is definitely cute plus brains! Nice work, Erik... let's just hope crushes and charm can keep you in the game!

It seems as if by many of them turning on Frosti, it's absolutely every man and women for him/herself now... all bets are off... "Survivors ready?"

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