Midseason Mania: Most Exciting Premieres & Returns, Part 1


Returns Wednesday, January 21st at 9PM on ABC

As always, Lost hyped us up with some massively cool possibilities for what's to come for the midseason premiere, and while I slightly doubted the promises for last season, this season, I'm a true Lost-believer again! Why? As I think many a Lost fan will tell you, they actually... got off the island! Finally. And yes, they're going back, but the point is that Lost finally delivered on an enormously needed plot point, and now we have a whole lot of different plotlines to look forward to that make that good ol' Lost Season 1 awe back in full force.

Big Love

Returns Sunday, January 18th at 9PM on HBO

Who knew polygamy could be so dramatic and racy! While the point of Big Love is not to create a male fantasy of the hotness of a man getting multiple women, Big Love has shown the realities of that situation with an exciting amount of the love square, drama, unusual and more typical family issues, religious issues, and even some steamy sex scenes. I've been intrigued by this show from the start, but with the intense and messy drama built up last season, this is definitely a midseason show I'm thrilled to see return.

Flight of the Conchords

Returns Sunday, January 18th at 10PM on HBO

It seems dramas are more of the trend for midseason shows, but if there's a comedy that can hold its own for some big wintertime laughs, it is by far Flight of the Conchords! If you don't already adore this awkward, musical comedy duo mucho, you can jump right in to see what they're all about (hint: hilarious, over-the-top ridiculous songs that mock their horribly lame lives as failed musicians), and it's guaranteed that if you have a funny bone, you will immediately catch up with the rest of the short yet action and comedy packed episodes. Cause we know that's what you're into.

The Beast

Premieres Thursday, January 15th at 10PM on A&E

Two words: Patrick. Swayze. While this is really all you need to check out this new midseason crime drama, it also helps that this does look like a very quality show. This one looks to have a strong cast including Swayze and his (hot) newbie FBI partner, Ellis Dove played by Travis Fimmel, plus a number of other interesting characters, and a plot that looks solid as well including some unique twists like a little secret we'll be in on for that easy-on-the-eyes partner.

The United States of Tara

Premieres Sunday, January 18th at 10PM on Showtime

It's about time Toni Collette gets her own show! If you were a fan of Muriel's Wedding, Little Miss Sunshine, or any of Collette's other films I'm sure you agree. She can play someone with no personality with more charisma than if she were starring in Mama Mia, and she can do humor in one of the most endearingly addicting ways I've ever seen on the big screen - which from the promos for this show, looks like it's coming on full force to the small screen! Collette plays a mother with multiple personalities including a boy-crazy teen her daughter's age, and "Buck," the smoking, gun-shooter who hits the range with her husband and very passive son. The great part of this show is that it isn't over-the-top or mocking the disorder, but showing that we all have to laugh at our lives, no matter how odd our families or that we are ourselves. And if Collette's awesomeness isn't enough, it also stars the adorable John Corbett of Sex and the City plus it's created by Steven Spielberg and developed by Juno's screenwriter, Diablo Cody!

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