All New MythBusters: Phone Book Friction

Tonight's all new MythBusters features some awesomely big explosions, some major friction busting, and some harpoon gun shark shooting! Check out the scoop on tonight's myth-busting.

Phone Book Friction -- September 10 at 9PM

Adam and Jamie take on a fan inspired fable in this episode: If you interweave the pages of two phone books, are they impossible to pull apart? In true MythBusters style, they try everything from human strength to using the biggest tool they can find. Kari, Grant and Tory shine the spotlight on the movie Deep Blue Sea - including whether you can use emergency flares, a harpoon gun, a metal cable and the spark from a boat battery to blow something to smithereens. With Tory's foam shark "Hugo" in tow, the team head to the quarry lake to shine the microscope on the laws of motion picture physics and find out if the film's MacGyver style conclusion is Hollywood hot air... or a real world possibility. And brace yourself, because it all ends in one of the biggest explosions in MythBusters history!

MythBusters Video Preview - Harpooning A Great White

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Photo courtesy of Discovery Channel


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