Sons of Anarchy Season 2 Early Review - Featured

Sons of Anarchy caught my attention first season to my surprise because while it was packed with shocking violence, drama and crime, I found myself drawn to the characters and craving to know where the show would dare to go next!

After the utterly heartbreaking last few episodes of the first season, when the first 5 episodes of Season 2 arrived on my desk, I was thrilled to dig in! I was very curious see where the SOA would stand as the stress of the lies about Donna's death continued, and how they would carry on with the power struggle both within the club and with SOA and the other clubs.

But with all that in mind, I was not thinking much of the news I'd read about the introduction of an all new crew in town including guest stars Adam Arkin and Henry Rollins (read more). But think about them you will immediately upon their arrival as they mess with things like I wouldn't have ever believed.

As the new season opens, there is definitely still the struggle with Jax not fully believing that Clay wasn't involved in Donna's death and Opie seriously struggling with his grief and need for revenge. This comes to at least a partial conclusion in the first episode as a few of the SOA go after the guy they set up for the murder, but as you can imagine, this doesn't resolve the entire conflict and tension.

The other focus of the first 5 episodes I was able to see (no big spoilers, I promise!) was the introduction of the new crew in town, as previously mentioned. A few guys come to Charming to start a cigar shop, but as they meet with our dear dopey young Charming cop, we quickly discover, surprise, they're white supremacists.

The cop refuses to have anything to do with them once he discovers this. They soon after visited Clay to kindly offer cigars and suggest the SOA no longer do business with the Mexican and black crews, and they discover Clay and the SOA won't have anything to do with them either. So, what do they do? Well, I'll give you a hint - they don't run off with their tails between their legs. They want to teach Clay a lesson. A vicious, awful lesson.

And so the feud begins... but never, ever in a way I could ever have imagined, nor would want to imagine. These episodes promise some seriously excellent drama and amazing character development that I'm sure any Sons of Anarchy fan will love, but I will warn you that if you were really bothered by the violence and unthinkable crimes in Season 1, it gets worse.

The first episode especially was disturbing to the point that it made me reconsider liking and watching this show as I'm not a big fan of shows that will do anything for a shocking and dramatic storyline, but I suppose what's a gritty drama without those moments that truly make you think about the awful things humans can do to each other?

So that said, Sons of Anarchy has more than rebooted its gritty, fearless drama since we saw it last. So buckle up, kids, it's going to be a rough but, if you can handle it, mindblowing second season!

Sons of Anarchy Season 2 premieres Tuesday, September 8th at 10/9c on FX!


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