NBC.com's Webseries 'Ctrl' Premieres Today! - Featured

NBC's new webseries, CTRL, based on the Sundance award-winning short film, "CTRL Z," premiered its first 3 webisodes today on NBC.com!

And guess what? Webseries stars Tony Hale and Steve Howey want YOU, Reelers, to check it out! You want to know why I know? Because they made SideReel a very special personalized Ctrl premiere shoutout! Check it out:

Ctrl Tony Hale SideReel Shoutout!

Can you say no to those funnymen? If you need a little more to go on, here's the rundown of the webseries:

CTRL stars Tony Hale of Arrested Development and Chuck as Stuart, a mistreated office worker who suddenly discovers that, with the aid of NESTEA and its "Liquid Awesomeness," he has the ability to manipulate the reality of his office by using his computer. His newfound abilities include the power to rewind time, move objects, become invisible and read people's minds. The series will be written and directed by award-winning Canadian filmmaker Rob Kirbyson and produced by SXM.

Alright, watch it already! Catch the first 3 websides below, plus check out info, interviews, photos, and more here: nbc.com/ctrl.

Watch Episode 1 - Ctrl

Watch Episode 2 - Ctrl B

Watch Episode 3 - Ctrl Z

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