Episode Recap: "Reading is a Fundamental Case"

Even by My Name Is Earl standards, this week's premise was a little strange, but it delivered the laughs while serving to teach Earl (Jason Lee) that strangeness is in the eye of the beholder (except where human-raccoon marriages are concerned, of course).

Only at the Camden Bookmobile would you be able to find cheap knock-offs of classic novels like "The Adventures of Chuckleberry Flynn." As Earl reads "Trazan the Ape-Man" to a group of children, he privately recalls his own experience with a feral adult. Earl and Randy (Ethan Suplee) first met Raynard (Ewen Bremner) while participating in the Humiliate to Rehabilitate program. They become fast friends with the free-spirited Brit, who allows plants to grow into his house and keeps the bathtub in the living room. One night, the threesome convinces a group of women that they are a band and steal the Bookmobile to serve as their tour bus. After partying all night, the trio abandons the bus in the woods with no intention of returning. But when Raynard needs a place to stay and is turned away by Earl and an angrily pregnant Joy (Jaime Pressly), he goes to live in the bus. After Earl has turned to his karmic ways, he wants to return the bus - and he and Randy are shocked by what they find.

Through isolation and a steady diet of hallucinatory berries, Raynard has become a modern-day "Trazan." His only companionship is with his "hot wife, Charlene (a raccoon)." Using Catalina (Nadine Velazquez) as a lure, they capture him and set about trying to flush the berries out of his system with a colonic and generally attempt to bring him back to normal. However, he soon ends up in a hilarious psychiatric ward complete with a doctor resembling Santa Claus and a large, overbearing patient obsessed with candy whom Randy gets along with quite well. Earl cleverly convinces this patient and the others that the guard's head is filled with candy when he finally agrees to help Raynard escape.

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