American Idol: The Hot, The Weird, and The Disasters of the Final 4

Oh the drama and talent of the American Idol final 4!

Or, not... how many times must we say "why is Jason still here??" It's even rumored that he's not into being there anymore, and I don't know if anyone's noticed, but he's acting like it on stage too.

In last night's "Rock and Roll Hall of Fame" themed performances, Jason went with Bob Marley's "I Shot the Sheriff" and Bob Dylan's "Mr. Tambourine Man," and I don't think he realized just having dreads could make these songs work for him.

But he just kept on grinning through the criticism including Simon telling him just that about the hair, so it seems he'll be faking some nervousness tonight if he's in the bottom, then show some real shock if someone else is eliminated.

On that subject, who else could it be tonight?? Syesha has been the bottom runner numerous times, but she's been pretty close to amazing the last few weeks, so it'd be wildly unfair if she went.

David Archuleta is staying the little golden boy, but David Cook slipped a bit last night - and of all nights, Rock and Roll?? But... he's Rocker David Cook!

David Cook did redeem himself with his second song, "Baba O'Riley" after singing a very flat first performance of "Hungry Like a Wolf." Only Paula seemed to like that one, saying it left her hungry. Really? I honestly want to know if the judge's table is separated from the stage for the contestants' safety from Paula attacks. Really.

I'd have to say David Archuleta is sitting very pretty after last night's strong performances, though I still just don't have any form of Archuleta-fever since he's just too perfect all the time to be interesting.

Syesha blew just about everyone out of the water with her first sexy and amazing performance of "Proud Mary," and then her second slower and VERY emotional performance of "A Change Is Gonna Come" that was actually more emotional after the performance.

Though I'm sure it'll win her votes for her little break-down showing how much this experience means to her and how much she's changed, it was a little off-putting to have her comparing her Idol struggles to that the song spoke of for the '60s Civil Rights Movement.

Ah, but Idol is as Idol does. So we can only hope this is finally the end of the road for Jason tonight. He's still a good looking kid and a good singer, but very done with this experience, so let's get it down to who's taking this seriously and will cry when they win - or just be totally thrilled like David Cook.

Here's hopin'!

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