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Wedding Wars: Nominate Your Favorite TV Weddings! - Featured

It may not be the height of the TV season during the summer, but it sure is the height of the wedding season!

Whether you're a happy (or bitter) single, a blushing bride (or groom) to be, happily married, or anything else in the relationship spectrum, there's one part of wedding season we can all embrace: the drama that is TV weddings of past and recent TV seasons.

So with that said, it's June. It's hot out there, and there are some stressed-out brides tackling each other for their dream dresses on sale. So let's make our favorite TV brides and grooms fight it out too in our SideReel wedding wars!

Comment below nominating your favorite TV weddings, and feel free to list as many as you want, plus list those already noted by another Reeler. Nominations will be accepted Friday (6/26) through Monday (6/29), then we'll begin the wedding war voting rounds for SideReel's favorite wedding!

Go forth and nominate!


| 15:55 EDT, 02 Jul, 2009
Oh! I loved Donna and David's wedding in the series finale for 90210. He proposed and it was just so romantic and cute! Loved that show. I also enjoyed Monica and Chandler's wedding too. Having Joey perform the wedding was perfect!
| 04:11 EDT, 01 Jul, 2009
OMG. Peyton and Lucas's wedding before that sad ending. Nathan and Hailey's wedding because they had two amazing weddings and been through so much. Ross and Rachel, I always thought those two would end up together. Cloe and Jimmy's wedding before the Doomsday of Course messed it up. Alex and Izzie because they make a really cute couple. Derek and Meredith because they were meant to be.
| 18:43 EDT, 30 Jun, 2009
Any wedding from FRIENDS, definitely.1. Chandler and Monica2. Phoebe and Mike3. Ross and Rachel (short, but hilarious!)4. Ross and Emily (shocker)Also, special shout out to the Chuck wedding this year.5. Awesome and EllieThis one's an awesome sitcom wedding for me, from Scrubs:6. Turk and Carla
| 14:57 EDT, 30 Jun, 2009
Lucas and Peyton- One Tree HillAwesome and Ellie- ChuckNathan and Haley- One Tree Hill
| 21:13 EDT, 29 Jun, 2009
Nathan and Haley - One Tree Hill (my most favorite couple!)Lucas and Peyton - One Tree Hill (most awesome show!)Piper & Leo - Charmed (miss this show!)
| 20:20 EDT, 29 Jun, 2009
Mike & Pheobe - FriendsJanitor & Lady - ScrubsCharlotte and Harry - Sex in the CityRoss & Emily - FriendsChandler & Monica - Friendsand gotta also add Ross & Rachel - Friends
| 20:16 EDT, 29 Jun, 2009
Lily and Marshall's wedding - How I Met Your MotherTurk and Carla - ScrubsChloe and Jimmy - SmallvilleJin and Sun - Lost
| 16:51 EDT, 29 Jun, 2009
Charlotte and Harry, Sex and the CityChandler and Monica, FriendsGrace and Leo, Will & Grace
| 16:08 EDT, 29 Jun, 2009
Mike and Phoebe (Friends)
| 13:13 EDT, 29 Jun, 2009
Nathan and Haley (OTH)Lucas and Peyton (OTH)Phoebe and Mike (Friends)Chandler and Monica (Friends)Chloe and Jimmy (Smallville)Jin and Sun (Lost)
| 02:38 EDT, 29 Jun, 2009
ellie and awesome have to win both the first and the 2 nd prize i dont care which of their 2 wedding gets which place both of them deserve to be in top3
| 01:04 EDT, 29 Jun, 2009
chandler and monica (friends)phoebe and mike (friends)
| 00:10 EDT, 29 Jun, 2009
Cory and Topanga - Boy meets worldSeth and Summer - The OCbut nothing tops David and Donna!!!!! 90210 (the real one)
| 23:41 EDT, 28 Jun, 2009
Alex and Izzie (Grey's)Marshall and Lilly (HIMYM)Haley and Nathan (OTH)
| 23:32 EDT, 28 Jun, 2009
Awesome and Ellie's wedding from Chuck FTW!!
| 19:32 EDT, 28 Jun, 2009
Lane and Zach (gilmore girls)Charlotte and Harry (Sex and the City Season 6)Miranda and Steve (Sex and the city Season 6)Nancy and Peter (Weeds)
| 19:20 EDT, 28 Jun, 2009
Alex and Izzy (Grey's Anatomy)Mike and Phoebe (Friends)Jack and Rosario (Will and Grace)Chandler and Monica (Friends)Grace and Leo (Will and Grace)Nathan and Haley (OTH)
| 19:11 EDT, 28 Jun, 2009
Awesome and Ellie (Chuck)Ross and Rachel (Friends)Alex and Izzie (Grey's Anatomy)Monica and Chandler (Friends)Daniel and Molly (Ugly Betty)
| 18:59 EDT, 28 Jun, 2009
i don't know if you guys remember this but the Richard-Lilly wedding [Ally Mc Beal's last episode)] was hilarius!!!! alex & izzie (grey's anatomy)Nathan and Haley (oth)Leo and Piper (Charmed)
| 13:35 EDT, 28 Jun, 2009
I think everyones forgetting the biggest classic of all, Lois and Clark's wedding in the new adventures of superman. comon what more can u ask for than to be married by god himself
| 13:25 EDT, 28 Jun, 2009
Chandler and Monica's Wedding - Friends [OMG THIS ONE WAS THE BEST!]Susan and Mike's Wedding - Desperate HousewivesRoss and Emily's Wedding - Friends
| 13:13 EDT, 28 Jun, 2009
Nathan and Haley - One Tree Hill (both!)JD and Elliot - last episode of Scrubs (does it count?)The Janitor and Lady - ScrubsEmily and Richard - Gilmore GirlsDexter and Rita - Dexter
| 11:59 EDT, 28 Jun, 2009
Lucas and Peyton - One Tree HillNathan and Hayley - One Tree Hill (Season 3)Chandler and Monica - Friends
| 07:19 EDT, 28 Jun, 2009
the friends weddings are clearly on top ... monica -chandler and ross-emily and of course the ross-rachel drunk wedding lily and marshalls wedding was also great (lily and marshall awesome and their kids totally and friggen)
| 07:09 EDT, 28 Jun, 2009
derek and meredith the unofficial onelane and zach (gilmore girls)ross and rachel in vegas
| 07:06 EDT, 28 Jun, 2009
Nathan and Haley (One Tree Hill - Season 3)
| 05:32 EDT, 28 Jun, 2009
1. charmed (Piper and Leo)...all three attempts!2. Naley (OTH) - both weddings
| 01:31 EDT, 28 Jun, 2009
Lily & Marshall (HIMYM) - I think I've watched the part where Marshall shaves his head a dozen times.Ellie & Devon (Chuck) - I loved their first wedding! Jeffster on stage + Sarah's knife-throwing skills = AWESOMENESS
| 01:16 EDT, 28 Jun, 2009
Tudor's Weddings!
| 21:13 EDT, 27 Jun, 2009
Marshall and lily - How I Met Your Mother Turk and Carla - Scrubs Mike and Phoebe - Friends Emily and Richard - Gilmore Girls
| 21:08 EDT, 27 Jun, 2009
ross and rachel's drunk wedding...the office's phyliss and bob vance of vance refridgeration=)
| 18:43 EDT, 27 Jun, 2009
Ross and Rachel-friendsLana and Lex-smallvillePiper and Leo-charmedDerek and Meredith-grey´s anatomy
| 17:53 EDT, 27 Jun, 2009
Izzie and alex-- grey's anatomyLily and marshall-- himymDaniel and molly--ugly bettyRoss and rachel-- friendsNancy and peter-- weeds
| 16:29 EDT, 27 Jun, 2009
Alex and Izzie (Grey's)Derek and Meredith's little post it wedding (Grey's)Ross and Emily (Friends) i take thee Rachel is classic!Ellie and Awesome (both of them) (Chuck)Piper and Leo (Charmed)Peyton and Lucas (One Tree Hill)Cameron and Chase (House)
| 16:19 EDT, 27 Jun, 2009
Charmed - Piper and leo's wedding (the successful one)- Cole and phoebes wedding
| 14:05 EDT, 27 Jun, 2009
Turk and Carla - ScrubsAlan and Kandi - Two and a Half Men
| 13:37 EDT, 27 Jun, 2009
Devon Woodcomb (Captain Awesome) & Ellie Bartowsky - Chuck Alex Karev & Izzie Stevens - Grey's Anatomy Meredith Grey and Derek Shepard's wedding non wedding should also get a mention!
| 13:19 EDT, 27 Jun, 2009
Jesse and Rebecca's from Full House
| 13:07 EDT, 27 Jun, 2009
Monica and Chandler's wedding from Friends. Its classic.
| 12:43 EDT, 27 Jun, 2009
Alex & Izzie (Grey's)Jimmy & Chloe (Smallville)Nathan & Haley (OTH)
| 12:43 EDT, 27 Jun, 2009
I nominate Grace's Wedding in Will and Grace. I just love WAG!
| 12:34 EDT, 27 Jun, 2009
Alex and Izzie- Grey'sLily and Marshall- HIMYMRoss and Emily- Friends (Classic! 'I take thee Rachel'!!)Mike and Phoebe-FriendsNathan and Haley-OTHTurk and Carla- ScrubsSo many good ones! And don't even get me started on film weddings!
| 12:09 EDT, 27 Jun, 2009
Jon & Kate....even though their separated, a wedding still took place, in Hawaii (beautiful setting) Lex & Lana....most deceptive wedding ever Arlene & Rene....most hick wedding I've ever seen The Tudor dresses
| 11:51 EDT, 27 Jun, 2009
Speidi- The hills
| 11:49 EDT, 27 Jun, 2009
Alex and Izzie - Grey's Anatomy
| 10:59 EDT, 27 Jun, 2009
Izzie and Alex -Grey's AnatomyAmy and Ben- The Secret Life of the American Teenager
| 10:07 EDT, 27 Jun, 2009
Lily & Marshall - How I Met Your MotherAlan & Kandi - Two and a Half Men not really a wedding, but:Cox & Jordan's Divorce...?
| 09:49 EDT, 27 Jun, 2009
Lilly and Marshall from HIMYM
| 09:30 EDT, 27 Jun, 2009
1.Mike and Phoebe (Friends) 2.Chandler and Monica (Friends) 3.Nathan and Haley (OTH) 4.Lucas and Peyton (OTH) 5.Piper and Leo (Charmed) 6.Phoebe and Coop (Charmed)
| 08:48 EDT, 27 Jun, 2009
1 =Alex And Izzy!!! ( Grey's ) 2 =Ellie and Captain Awesomes ( Chuck ) 3 =Mike and Phoebe ( Friends ) 4 =Micheals and Sarahs ( Prison Break ... Unaried Episode ) 5 =The Janitors and Lady LOL ( Scrubs )
| 07:39 EDT, 27 Jun, 2009
awesome and elle's wedding from chuck was the greatest
| 06:47 EDT, 27 Jun, 2009
Nathan and Haley - OTH (last episode season 3 wedding)
| 06:29 EDT, 27 Jun, 2009
Chase and Cameron on HouseNathan and Haley on One Tree Hill
| 05:38 EDT, 27 Jun, 2009
Awesome & Ellie (CHUCK)Alex & Izzie (Grey's)Chloe & Jimmy (Smallville)
| 05:01 EDT, 27 Jun, 2009
Definitely Awesome and Ellie's wedding (Chuck)
| 03:53 EDT, 27 Jun, 2009
Chandler and Monica on friendsLily and Marchell himymTurk and Carla scrubs
| 03:51 EDT, 27 Jun, 2009
carla and turk on scrubs
| 01:04 EDT, 27 Jun, 2009
awesome and ellie on chuckgrace and leo on will & gracejack and rosario on will & grace
| 00:01 EDT, 27 Jun, 2009
lily and marshall's wedding was definitely the funniest. Barney becoming a minister because he says that it subliminally inplants in every women that when he says something they have to say I Do.
| 23:32 EDT, 26 Jun, 2009
Chloe and Jimmy from Smallville. Before the reception was interrupted by Doomsday of course.
| 23:09 EDT, 26 Jun, 2009
Lily and Marshall's wedding - HIMYM
| 22:52 EDT, 26 Jun, 2009
Awesome and Ellie's wedding from Chuck! (the second one, haha!)

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