American Idol: The Winner is Revealed!

Last night finally brought us the thrilling and chilling season finale of American Idol Season 7!

While Idol tried really hard to make it seem like a do-or-die competition between David Cook and David Archuleta, we all knew full well going into these finals that both Davids would truly be thrilled to win, and would truly be thrilled for the other if he won, though still disappointed.

After David Cook's Tuesday night performances, it seemed his head wasn't entirely in the game anymore, but his nerves and excitement shone through more in last night's 2-hour finale. Archie's nerves shining through really goes unsaid for the kid.

So, as usual with Idol, this results night was plagued with advertising for Ford and whatever else they could suck in for the mola and hype, which this time went to The Love Guru.

This was ridiculously corny, but pretty hilarious to see Mike Myers in his guru get-up poking fun at both Davids and trying to shave Cook's stubble.

We also got a bazillion star performances as a few of the last eliminated contestants got the chance to sing big stars' songs actually with the stars, and then many group performances which led to the "thrill" of the actual singer coming out to join them.

Overall, an excellent show and a fantastic running advertisement as the Idol show going on the road this summer.

Finally, finally, after all this rigmarole, we got to our results in the very last minutes of the 2 hours... and the winner is... DAVID COOK!

Yea!! Being the sweet guy he is, his first reaction (well, most winners do this really) was to give Archie a big hug before they sent him off to stand with the other Idol rejects.

But really, as everyone says, they're both winners making the final 2 and they'll both have big offers and career opportunities from here.

But still, go Cook, go!! Though Archie is adorable and incredibly talented, Cook just had that extra maturity, grace, and rock and roll to him that I think gave him the edge and made him really set as the new American Idol.

And while he would've been happy for Archie too, it was great to see him properly enjoy his moment as he sung his final winning song and enjoyed all his Idol buddies around him as they all were covered in sparkly confetti.

What a great season! There was definitely a whole bunch of great talent this season, and plenty of good drama too which always adds to the fun.

Now we get to look forward to plenty more David Cook in the future as he breaks out with all his big hits!

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