Survivor: Micronesia's Dumbest Survivor Ever

Survivor: Micronesia is officially one of the most notable seasons - who would have thought after all these years?

While we were reminded during last night's reward challenge that there have been a lot of outrageous and memorable moments in Survivor, we also got a whole new memorable moment that really made this season the ultimate perfection of blindsiding take-over!

This season was already pretty fascinating and very worthy of Eliza's famous eye-rolls and shocked huge eyes with mouth open. Every guy on the jury at this point has been made a pretty big idiot of for a blindside, or in the case of James, has been a part of the other very prominent aspect of this season - getting pulled out for medical reasons.

The Survivor women have been plotting together for quite some time now, even with Parvati's turn on her original alliance with Amanda, James, and Ozzy, to take the rest of the men out.

The "blindside the men" plan worked on Ozzy as he overconfidently didn't play his immunity idol, which was planned by the women minus Amanda at the time. Then we had Jason who had not only came up with a fake immunity idol, but then got another chance with a real immunity idol, and chose not to play it with the tribe's trickery yet again - silly boys!

So now you'd think a smart Survivor fan and now player like Erik would never, ever, ever be so ridiculously stupid as to give up his immunity idol he worked his butt off to win in the immunity challenge.

This was his chance at the final four! He could take out the women's alliance by continuing to win immunity like he's been doing, and prove to be the ultimate survivor!

But... no. Erik let the ladies' ninja mind tricks work on him with their harebrained scheme to get that immunity necklace away from him by convincing him he needed to make a big gesture to them and in front of the jury to redeem himself to them all by giving his immunity to Natalie, and therefore give him a chance with the jury if he makes it to the finals.

To give him some credit, yes, that is really important. There's pretty much no point making it to the finals when the whole jury hates you, but there's also no way to get to the finals if you give up your immunity when it's really, really obvious your tribe wants you out.

Whoops. I wouldn't say Erik is the dumbest survivor ever, but he definitely takes the cake for dumbest move this season since he still made the mistake after two guys had already been tricked into not using their immunity.

Ah, Survivor. So now I believe this is the first time ever for an all female final four! Let's sit back, relax, and watch what happens when they finally have to turn on each other!

Don't miss the 2-hour Survivor: Micronesia finale this Sunday at 8/7c!

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