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I would have been happy with just about anything House after its 3 week break, but 'Known Unknowns' not only made me thrilled House was back, but turned out to be a fantastic episode with all sorts of juicy developments!

Fans who prefer the focus on an insanely cool medical case and House being his genius self around the hospital might have been a little disappointed this week since House went off to a medical conference with Wilson and Cuddy, but there was still a cool medical case House jumped in on now and then.

This week, a 16-year-old girl had something bizarre going on with her making her joints swell, her unable to tell the truth, and all sorts of other weird reactions Foreman, Chase, and Cameron had to work through. This time the case was mostly around as a crutch to the Cameron and Chase situation as Cameron had become convinced Chase was lying to her and having an affair, and Chase was sneaking off instead because he was all moody over his big secret of killing the dictator.

The case worked out where the girl hadn't slept with the comic book writer who at one point seemed could have taken advantage of her, and this truth plus the girl's ability to tell the truth at the end convinced Cameron that Chase wasn't lying either. This led to a dramatic final moment of the episode with Chase admitting the truth and Cameron staring off into the distance contemplating this news that was possibly worse than finding out he was actually having an affair.

While that's clearly leading to some huge problems for the next episode or so, House's situation at the medical conference ended up bringing two giant issues to a head that are basically the underlying, long-running issues of the entire show: House's relationship with Cuddy, and House's relationship with Wilson.

House decided to go to the medical conference because Cuddy was going, and as he explained to Wilson, he was hoping there could be a moment where things just fell into place for them. Things seemed a little more complicated when Cuddy needed to bring her baby along, but nonetheless, she found a way to make it to the conference '80s night party, looking as sexy as the '80s will allow. House appeared in a hilarious 1780s get-up complete with a powder wig, which introduced the opportunity for Cuddy to tease him, then a fellow doctor asking Cuddy to dance led to the opportunity for House and Cuddy to dance. And, of course, there was that classic clique moment of the music changing from fast to slow right as the destined couple got on the dance floor.

I wasn't expecting the most honest and real moment we've seen for House and Cuddy in ages to be at an 80s party with Cuddy full-on Jane Fonda and House looking ready to sign the Declaration of Independence, but, there it was: House and Cuddy seriously talking about when they met, their attraction to each other, and then House's secret of really planning to come through and see what they could be... until he got kicked out of med school right before he got to see her again, and deciding it wasn't going to happen with that whole mess in the way.

And so began their hit-and-miss... mostly miss... relationship over the decades. That moment set to the high school dance-like scene just made it even more tragic they spent so much of their lives not being together, and it seemed like the realization of how little the moment had been that had ruined things for them was what made Cuddy run off... but that wasn't the whole story as we found out later!

There continued to be honest conversations as House told Wilson about what happened with Cuddy, House discovered Wilson was going to present his paper about euthanasia which could cost Wilson his job, and Wilson talked to Cuddy about House.

Cuddy said now as a mother, she needed a man she could depend on, and she always knew that couldn't be House. Wilson then suggested to House to offer to babysit for Cuddy on her busy day at the conference, and shockingly, House actually did! But then even more shockingly, House found Cuddy lying about taking her baby to daycare as there was actually someone else in the room taking care of the baby... Lucas!!

House proceeded to say that was awkward, and left, leaving him to eating and drinking everything in the minibar... then drugging Wilson via grape soda so House could go present Wilson's paper. Oh, House... you're such a good friend. This led to Wilson eventually waking up, having to order some pants as House had taken his, and then yelling at House for being so disrespectful after House's presentation, though House did wrap it up noting the truth that Wilson would never give anything less than his all to his patients.

While Wilson and House have had it out before about House undercutting and not respecting Wilson, this conversation did seem different since House is making real strides since his time in the institution to have better relationships. This didn't feel like it quite got resolved, but is still a step in the right direction for this bromance.

As for the romance, House, Wilson, Cuddy, and Lucas actually sat down together to talk about what was going on with Lucas being there. As it turns out, Lucas and Cuddy had been seeing each other for months after she'd hired him for a job. He was dependable, great with the baby, and what she was looking for, though we didn't exactly see a great display of passion between the two of them.

So was Cuddy showing House she chose a man who could be dependable, even if there wasn't strong love there meant to show that she and House could never be? Or does Cuddy not being public with their relationship mean she cared more about hurting House's feelings than hurting Lucas' feelings?

What do you think? Was this episode the ultimate end for Huddy ever being or was this a new door opening allowing House to see how he would need to change to ever be with her? Also, where do you think Chase's admitting the truth will lead for himself and Cameron, and what's next for the new team as the promos show them popping up again?



Default avatar cat
Nov 11, 2009 1:02AM EST

Nice review. I agree it was a great episode. I definitely get tired the show focusing on a new case each week, so this was refreshing to have the show focus more on characters and their relationships. And also, House's costume at the 80's party was from the 1780's, not a big deal, just thought I'd mention it

Default avatar cat
Nov 11, 2009 1:14AM EST

loved the episode! It was exactly what we needed after waiting what seems a month for a new house. Can't wait til next monday now too xD

Nov 11, 2009 1:23AM EST

@habussey, ha, yeah that's a slip on my part with my focus on the 8's! ;) Fixed up, thanks. I'm glad someone agrees it's nice to get more character focus now and then!

Default avatar cat
Nov 13, 2009 10:20AM EST

Well I Really Don't Know what to say other then just amazing i know alot people who said the show should have stopped a few seasons ago...but i fully disagree every episode is more and more amazing and they carry on getting better every week i hope this show never end's because the quality doesn't seem to be lowering nor do there standards + the actors in this are truly amazing i must say i will probably all ways watch house as long as it runs anyway!!

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