American Idol: Let It Be... Awful

Well.. you win some, you lose some.

And American Idol's performances last night would mostly end up in that "you lose some" bucket.

Sorry, Beatles. But apparently featuring you two weeks in a row was too much to handle.

While David Archuleta picked his game back up from when he forgot the words last time, he and almost everyone else were called boring, predictable, or awful.

David fell more into being a bit predictable along with David Cook and Amanda Overmyer.

But predictable is certainly better than the "wow, what was that?" that the usually very crowd and judge pleasing Brooke White got. She felt that after her performance last week of "Let It Be," that worked so well for her, it was going to be hard to hit another Beatles song out of the park.

And she was right. "Here Comes the Sun" was awkward and a little fake for Brooke as she popped around the stage in her yellow dress, but she happily accepted all criticism, knowing it was a flop. We've just gotta love her anyway, though, so my guess it this hasn't done her in.

As for David Cook, he may have been called predictable, but he truly is awesome, and has continued to show that he's ready to be a star - as long as he doesn't get full of himself, which Simon will make sure of!

The other notable flops of the evening were Kristy Lee Cook who was just plain off and dull, and the usually amazing Ramiele Malubay. Michael Johns was also not impressive, but I'm sure won over enough votes from being consistently good and throwing in the note about choosing the song because it was a favorite of a friend who'd passed away last year.

Ramiele was sadly a little pathetic voice-wise with her performance, which hopefully won't send her home and will instead remind her to find songs she can rock her voice out on!

So who's definitely safe this week? My votes go for David Cook, Syesha Mercado, Carly Smithson, Chikezie, David A, and Jason Castro.

Those who will be a little nervous tonight? Brooke, Kristy, Ramiele, Michael Johns, and Amanda.

My vote for who's out tonight: Kristy Lee Cook

As Kristy herself said last night, she's been up on the stage with those who have gone home for about 3 weeks in a row now, which probably means her continued shakiness will finally knock her out.

So while many of the Idols performed under-par this week, most of them will get the chance to redeem themselves. Hopefully next week we'll be seeing what they've really got!

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American Idol: Let It Be... Awful


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