Favorite TV Couples: Top 10 Perfect Couples, Part 1 - Featured

The Office - Jim & Pam

From the first Pam giggle and Jim camera look, JAM was formed. Sure, she was engaged to Roy, but we all knew well that just couldn't last - could we cheer for "RAM?" This perfect couple didn't work out as quickly as us JAM fans were hoping for, but has it ever paid off with some wonderful moments like the poker night JAM kiss ending the RAM wedding, but not bringing JAM together quite yet, the Roy attempted assault on Jim after finding out about that kiss, and then finally after the Karen era, Jim and Pam getting together, and in a perfectly understated moment at a gas station during Pam's art school days, a romantic engagement in the rain! Here's to JAM and much excitement for this Office wedding in the making!

The O.C. - Seth & Summer

With Seth as the dorky, snarky, outcast of the OC with a crush on one of the most gorgeous, popular girls in school, how could we not root for him to somehow get a chance? And so when he did get that chance because of the cool bad boy who moved in with his family who attracted the attention of that popular girl's best friend, perfection! And the best part was not that Seth got a chance to be cool hanging out with the popular girls, but that Summer's true personality of intelligence and plastic horse-loving was more than perfect for the dorkiness of our dear Seth!

Boy Meets World - Cory & Topanga

Not since the days of The Wonder Years have we seen such a couple so made for each other! Cory and Topanga made for the perfect love story as they grew from a couple of confused kids with cooties to a few super confused teenagers, and finally into the most adorable high school couple, though mostly dominated by that ridiculous hair of Topanga. As Boy Meets World continued, we saw our dear couple struggle with college life and temptation, tragically splitting them up, only to thankfully finally bring them back together to get married! Kevin and Winnie didn't get the happy ending we all yearned for, but at least the later Savage brother's character found some perfect TGIF happiness.

Dawson's Creek - Joey & Pacey

I held on to being a Joey & Dawson girl throughout the majority of Dawson's Creek's run with the belief that the show wouldn't have set them up as soul mates only to break our hearts by not bringing them together at the end, but it became clear from the moment Joey and Pacey had a fight that was just a little too heated that there was an undeniable fire there that was far too much for Dawson's little creek to squelch! Joey and Pacey are now arguably one of the sweetest love stories of TV history as the bad boy showed his soft side, and the tough girl got to give in, and no matter if they tried to fight it or not, their perfect match could not be denied.

Sex and the City - Miranda & Steve

It's hard to choose just one SATC couple as I adore Charlotte and Harry, and Carrie and Big, but I think the couple most strongly in need of their counterpart in another was actually Miranda and Steve. The tough lawyer Miranda needed to be appreciated for her confidence and success, but most desperately needed that cynicism to be melted down, and Steve the dorky, sweet bartender was the man for the job. They still struggled, but found their counterpart in each other so well that no matter what got in their way, they could stick it out and be the more perfect for it all.

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Default avatar cat
Feb 10, 2009 3:47AM EST

Looking good so far... How about Buffy and Spike? I loved them as a couple.

Default avatar cat
Feb 10, 2009 4:27AM EST

also marshall and lily , they are the ideal couple

Feb 10, 2009 5:31AM EST

Go marshal and Lily

Default avatar cat
Mar 29, 2009 7:50PM EDT

Joey and Pacey are definitely OTP! I agree with part I of the list...let's see whats on part II...

Default avatar cat
Apr 17, 2010 10:59PM EDT

In no particular order:
Luke and Lorelai - Gilmore GirlsBooth and Brennan - Bones10 and Rose - Doctor WhoEric and Jaye - WonderfallsChuck and Ned - Pushing DaisiesRay and Neela - ERNiles and Daphne - FrasierFrasier and Roz - FrasierEd and Carol - EdAbby and Carter - ERParker and Hardison - LeverageMary and Marshall - In Plain SightVeronica and Logan - Veronica MarsGeorge and Mason - Dead Like MeOlivia and Elliot - Law and Order: SVUHouse and Cameron - House MDGeorge Michael and Maeby - Arrested DevelopmentLily and Scotty - Cold CaseNick and Lindsay - Freaks and GeeksMonk and Sharona - MonkShawn and Jules - PsychSam and Martin - Without a Trace
...And many more
And when I said "In no particular order" I seriously meant it. That's just the order I thought of them in, and some of my absolute favorites are toward the end.

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