Art Isn't Easy

Desperate Housewives always has little lessons for us amidst all the drama which is usually delivered by the voice of Mary Alice at the end of every episode.

This week we had a great Halloween-related lesson: your past will haunt you forever.

More...Well, I feel good now. Note to self: don't do anything terrible in Chicago or make out with an ex in front of a big window.

Oh, or hide your ex you're having an affair with in the closet when your old affair comes a knockin' to chat about the good old days when he hid in the closet from that very ex currently in the closet.

My head hurts. But, all's well that ends in blackmail right? Like the darling gay couple getting to keep their obnoxious fountain because they know Katherine's dirty past she's running from and Eddie getting the truth from paying a private investigator to discover Carlos and Gabbie's affair at the exact moment they're ending it.

But we all knew their plan to end things and wait to be together wasn't really going to work out anyway. Now we can just sit back, relax, and watch Eddie be entirely evil and ruin every life in her path. Maybe while she's at it, she'll uncover some more truths hidden around the neighborhood.

As for next week, it looks like Bree's truth will be told as her obnoxious pregnant daughter shows up to a Halloween party dressed like Bree... then the wrong "Bree's" water breaks. How are they going to explain that one away?


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