House: A Trip into "House's Head"

*House's Head Spoilers Included!*

House is a show for which I've come to expect to love every episode, so after a slight disappointment last week, I was hoping for a killer episode this week.

At first, I wasn't loving getting in House's head since usually his thoughts are more of a mystery, more genius, and much faster paced. Though it always takes the whole episode to figure out what's really wrong in the case, this episode felt slower going through all of House's weird hallucinations.

I suppose we're meant to forgive his slowness because of his massive head injury (details, details), and enjoy it even more because of that, which I definitely worked into a bit into the episode when I realized all that was going on was actually amazing!

I wasn't loving the slow conversations with the sexy Ivana Milicevic appearing and the bus driver telling House what could be wrong with him, but all that ended up cooler since House wouldn't ever be one to believe in the powers of hypnotizing and other such power of the mind things.

Once he got into it, though, he took a House spin as he decided to take it a step further by taking drugs to get himself going with these visions. And, yes, it was fun (for the men especially) seeing House take his own spin on things in his visions as well like Cuddy stripping for him while helping him with the case - wow! Edgy, sexy, and hilarious all at once - yes, this is why we love House!

The tension with the possibility of House having feelings for Amber was great too! That absolutely kept us away from considering (at least for me), that Amber was actually the one hurt House needed to think of.

It's also great to see the things people will do for House's genius like putting signs around their necks and reenacting a bus ride just so he can figure out something no one else really believed he needed to.

House's genius and drive to find and fix cases will always, always prevail over any ailment he has, and they always manage to make the episode where House has had personal issues even more amazing with those elements tied in!

The greatest scene of the episode, despite the stripping scenes and House vomiting on Cuddy and passing out after an underwater revelation, was definitely House's hallucination in which he figured everything out.

I really thought Amber still represented something else as the bus crash was reenacted in slo-mo, but then the realization that that's what really happened was amazing! Poor Amber!

And all medical amazingness and Amber's massive injuries aside, what were Amber and House doing on the same bus? I suppose it all can make sense as she was on the way home or to work while House was going home after his keys being taken away, but isn't that awfully coincidental?

It's probably just meant to add an extra layer to Amber's serious condition, but still quite intriguing!

The season finale looks fantastic next week as they find Amber and try to figure out how to save her, plus deal with why Amber and House were both there. Now that will be a finale to remember!

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