Episode Recap: "The Plan"

Kidnappings and cancer, hostage situations, revelations and gunslinging. All this and more in the second to last Dirty Sexy Money before the break. God bless Craig Wright.

Karen's closet is bigger than my entire apartment. Including the outdoor areas. Jeez Louise, can you rent a girl a room? I'd like to know what size shoe she wears, because if she's going to toss those things out, I would take a pair or two off her hands. Karen is rightfully exasperated by Nick, but he very often gets the short end of the stick. The poor guy - he really does try to do the right thing and do right by the family, but it always seems to blow up in his face.

Nick's seconds away from turning Chase around, but his plan is undermined when the team sends out a posse to 927 him. Unfortunately, Chase thinks Nick set him up. Chase says he's the "worst one of them all," and it does look that way. Discredited once again.

Chase, Chase, Chase, what is the matter with you? You really are off your rocker. He's willing to lose his wife and family in the name of justice. Nick keeps telling him that Patrick did not kill Ellen, (too true), but to no avail. He's eleven eggs short of a dozen. Or maybe he's just stupid.

Tish is precious handing out motherly advice to her babies. She tells Karen to get over Simon and Jeremy to go after Nola.

The fight between Jeremy and Nola is great, Nola yelling "He is a dimwit," and Jeremy responding, "she is a dungeon mistress." Nola finally admits to wanting Jeremy, "That is such a low blow, bringing up the thing!" Fashion aside, (literally), Nola's got some interesting get-ups. That white dress looked like an updated version of a nun's habit, only the hat was the sleeves.

Jeremy is wearing a red Kabbalah string, noticeable as he sips scotch while Karen and Tish convince him that Nola must be seeing someone else. Dangerous words — he stalks Nola and sees whom she's seeing - The Elderman. Jeremy doesn't know what he doesn't know.

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Dec 14, 2008 9:29AM EST

Does someone has a link to that episode "the plan"? I can't watch it on abc and couldn't find anything on the web.thanx thanx thanx!

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