Lost's "Cabin Fever" Madness!

*Cabin Fever Spoilers Included!*

This week's Lost, "Cabin Fever," was especially mind-blowing! While I prefer being on the island to see what's happening with our survivors, the boat became extremely fascinating this week as many things began to unravel yet become more complicated.

We started off with the backlash of the attack the boaties made in attempt to get Ben, where Keamy found out Ben knew all about him. Since it wasn't Captain Gault who outed him as Keamy suspected, this made for the discovery of Michael as definitely not the mild-mannered boat-hand.

It's still hard to like Michael after his betrayal of the survivors, but he sure is trying with major dedication to saving them now. We saw that the creepy Michael-can't-die thing is still in place as Keamy tried to shoot him, but the gun jammed. It seems it's Michael's destiny to save the survivors, but does that mean he gets to live happily ever after?

As for Desmond and Sayid, they were off to start getting their friends off the island with the aid of the captain, but Desmond stayed behind, refusing to go on the island again. Yeah, I think I get that.

That was also a great set-up for him discovering the madness really going on with the boat as Keamy was so dedicated to getting back to the island, that he made what we've already seen come true - the doctor's slit throat and toss overboard - creepy!

This means the island is in the future at least a few days ahead of the boat, so what does this mean for the survival of our losties?

And how is it that we just saw the helicopter leave the boat, and then so soon after (well, as it was shown), have the beach survivors see the helicopter?

Was this just jumping to whenever the helicopter would arrive in their time, or does this just mean we were watching "the past" on the boat, then catching up? So confusing!

We got flashbacks for John Locke this week to his mother giving birth to him and to The Other's Richard showing up at the hospital where John was born, then when he's older to see if he's ready for a "special school."

Now this was part of the weirdness with time as Richard is ALWAYS the same age! He's looked the same back when John was born, when John was 6ish, when Ben was a kid on the island, and in the present of the island. Is this time traveling or some bizarre aging factor of the island? Or is Richard dead and appearing the same for that reason?

As for the actual cabin part of "Cabin Fever," that was just about the most mind-boggling part of all, and also included some definitely dead people.

John didn't think twice when he realized the answer to finding the cabin was in the pit of dead Dharma people, so once he discovered a map to the illusive cabin, apparently it made it easy to find. How is that exactly?

Was it because the maker of the cabin wanted Locke to find it, and therefore the map would work for him? Or is the cabin always in the same place, the island just messes with the people's minds so they don't know where they are when they find it?

And if Hurley isn't meant to be a part of this, why was he able to find the cabin on his own before?

It was not meant to be for Hurley last night, but definitely for John. Jacob, of course, was not present for John to chat with, but someone else also very ominous (and very dead) was: Jack and Claire's father!

This was kind of expected considering he appeared on the island to Claire last week, but what does this mean about both Christian and Jacob? Is Jacob a spirit? Is he real? And how "real" is Christian on the island? Plus, what's the deal with creepy Claire who's calm and happy to hang with her dead dad she never knew and hates?

Definitely a great episode! Now we'll have to see how John plans to "move the island," and what we have in store for the Oceanic 6!

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May 9, 2008 4:49PM EDT

Could the black male nurse who spoke with John when he was in a wheel-chair be Jacob? As he said that the next time they would see eachother, John would owe him one...Jacob gave Locke his legs back but he will have to do something for him in return...


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May 9, 2008 6:15PM EDT

Interesting! He's the guy who has visited Hurley, and is also the boss (probably below Penny's dad) of the boat's mission. He certainly seems to know a lot about the island, but we've never seen him there...

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