American Idol: Tone-Deaf in San Diego

merican Idol auditions hit San Diego last night, but sadly it didn't bring auditions of quite the epic proportion as we got from Philadelphia and Dallas.

There were no William Hungs, no Renaldos, and not even any Star Wars geeks. But there were still some good and most definitely ugly auditions.

We actually did have a William Hung, but she was breezed over in a clip of her forgetting lyrics and spitting out song lyrics like she was trying to hit an invisible dart board. But sadly, she wasn't enough for a full feature.

The health care duo sure were though. You must, must love those who continue to sing various songs in various horrible tones long after the Idol judges have asked them to stop.

Screeching, my friends, is not singing. And yes, the children are the future, but as the judges said, they surely won't be laughing happily after seeing that audition!

As for the night's bad audition runner-up? It has to go to Mariah Carey's one-woman cover band. Hey, when I walk down the street, people ask me if I'm playing Mariah Carey too. And yes, I say, no that was just me... but the difference here is I know I'm making this story up where as Idol's Mariah Carey screecher did not seem to be aware of her lies.

Of course, Ryan had to set her up with a little chat ahead of time where they joked about how awful some Idol auditions can be and how fun they are to laugh at - but that won't be her, right? Right! Or... not. After jumping from manly to screeching, to just straight out screaming, the judges gave her the boot, but hey, life will go on.

And our unhappy bad audition winner? Idol fan - congrats! He brought enormous fans, literally. And you know we love him for it. His head was in the clouds and his voice was well, who noticed that with all his fabulous gestures to accompany himself??

But a true star... yes a true star knows how to make an exit, and that he did with fanfare and dramatic, stoic looks leading to him galloping away... with his pride intact, most definitely.

Hopefully tonight's auditions can step it up again with some crazy costumes and horrific auditions to enjoy before we have to get to all that serious stuff of the actual competition!

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