The Office: "Job Fair" Disasters & Victories

*Job Fair Spoilers Included!*

While I've really enjoyed all episode of The Office where the characters are out of the office, I think it definitely throws off the chemistry and rhythm of the show when they're not all together.

This week, we had Michael, Pam, Oscar, and Darryl off at Pam's old high school for a job fair then Jim, Kevin, and Andy playing golf with a possible client, and the rest at the office disrespecting Dwight's rule.

The job fair ended up mainly just awkward and painful (though admittedly still hilarious at times), with Michael shooing off their only interested student because he thought the kid wasn't cool or good looking. Plus Michael yelling at Pam to get a new piece of paper, because though all they needed at the fair to inspire young minds was one piece of blank paper, once it was ruined by the interested kid, it was no good.

This led Pam to her old art room where clearly she wished she weren't a bored and put-upon secretary running around the school and then back to the office to please her mildly insane boss.

So while Jim was off trying to keep his job and better himself to impress Pam's parents for the future he's planning with Pam (wow, Jim continues to not joke around about this!), Pam was exploring other life possibilities for herself at the graphic design table.

No, Pam, no! You need to remain miserable at the office to bring us happiness and humor, and keep your Jim bliss! Who needs happiness and fulfillment from their career?

Could this be trouble for JAM? It seems not so much at the moment considering Jim's victory in forcing the client into buying from them caused for a major PDA make-out session, but Pam looked like she was pretty seriously considering looking into design schools in New York or Philadelphia.

Hm, could the spinoff end up as a JAM spinoff of them going off to follow Pam's dream? Hopefully not as much as I actually would like to see Pam happier. We just definitely can't lose the Jim and Pam element from The Office!

As for Andy as the spinoff possibility, does this mean a break up for Andy and Angela? There was definitely tension between Angela and Dwight since they were left alone in the office after everyone else ditched, but will we get a moment of Angela and Dwight falling into each other's arms in the finale?

While the couples may be in some turmoil next week, let's just hope we don't have Michael too depressed or getting hate mail for publicly attacking all other companies at the job fair in desperation for an intern. Oh, Michael.

There's certainly a lot to look forward to in the finale, so I can't wait to see where we leave the couples and the rest of the hilarious drama!

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Default avatar cat
May 9, 2008 5:21PM EDT

I don't know if anyone remembers this, but in The Office episode where Jim created an avatar in that Second Life computer game, his nickname was Philly Jim and he was a sports writer in Philadelphia. Could be a clue that that is where Jim and Pam are going to end up. Any thoughts?

May 9, 2008 6:13PM EDT

Good catch! That would be a very interesting twist to their story. Maybe they'll go off to Philly together and follow their real dreams. Okay, now I kinda want that spinoff!

Default avatar cat
May 12, 2008 9:23AM EDT

Hard to think of what direction a spinoff could take, since they surely want to keep the same core set of characters overall. My take: Ryan's drug problem and targeting of Jim will catch up to him, and he won't be fired (producers want to keep his character) but will be demoted and returned to the Scranton office, further complicating his heirarchal 'subordinate-superior changeover' metamorphis. The Pam and Jim relationship crisis will be when Pam really wants to go to school elsewhere, but the crisis will be resolved when Jim talks to Wallace about a transfer, and Jim becomes head of an office in Pam's target city. Pam necessarily quits DM but joins an ad agency later provides services to DM, which would be the source of more conflicts between the two.
My guess is that'll be the spin-off.
I just re-read what I wrote, and man, I need to get a frickin' life.

Default avatar cat
May 14, 2008 12:41PM EDT

I like it, it sounds fairly good but again there would be the issue that they are at their best in the office environment. JAM on their own would be fairly dull they are at their best with mich and dwight and andy. And in all fairness pam on her own is fairly dull and if she shifted to another profession she would be lost completely.

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