Week 3: The Battle of the Sexes

The Celebrity Apprentice has suddenly become the antithesis of every women-can-do-it show like the "edgy" new Cashmere Mafia.

The Cashmere Mafia says, "women rock in the work world!"

The Celebrity Apprentice says, "Women can't beat a group of men if they tried."

Okay, so maybe it's just this group of women who are terrible at these particular tasks.

Considering the almighty Gene Simmons couldn't help out the women's team, they're a lost cause. Right?

Or maybe the men just have better ideas and the women are all over the place... which is interesting considering Omorosa is usually one to step up and take over everything if she can, yet this time around, she's laying reasonably low and just criticizing everyone else.

Now the point Trump is making in pitting the men and the women against each other? I'm not sure. I guess it was just an easy way to divide the teams, and probably an awesome way to create conflict and make the losing team feel like it has something to do with who they are. Who knows.

But what we do know is, well fine, it has nothing to do with the fact that this is a separation of men and women, it's a group of low-list celebrities who are fun to watch fall off tables and destroy their entire projects, bring in their big brothers to give them money, and cry it out when they have to throw their childhood hero to the dogs so they can stay in the game.

Now what I can't wait for is more celebrity-style fights and it looks like the men are going to be first yet once again, but this time in the "boxing ring" when the big guys and the little guys just can't get along.

Looking forward to it, and also looking forward to getting the women's team dwindled down to the ones who can actually make a project work and show something for themselves!

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