Amazing Race 12: And The Winner Is...

The finale of The Amazing Race 12 most certainly delivered for a major nail-biting episode!

We were left with three teams that all ran the race with (mostly) kindness to their teammate, who weren't among the culturally disrespectful, and they're all just likable.

That's pretty surprising to be left with at the end of a cut-throat competition!

The teams started out as usual at different times heading to Alaska for some speed boating, ice climbing, helicopter rides, (how high is this show's budget??) and then the excitement came to a halt as they all eventually caught up at the deadly final challenge.

The teams were given a bunch of items they'd had to use or collect throughout the entire race, including bicycles, poles for jumping over mud pits, chickens they'd run around with, and camel milk they'd milked. This meant it was time for excellent memory, patience, and smarts like what an animal is, including a person, and what on earth was going to fit the many rules they had to follow to get the scale to pop open their clue.

Yeah, it was really confusing. Chris looked like she was going to continue with her and her dad's head start, but no such luck as she and Nick gave into stress while Rachel just kept on trying and then took off with her clue!

So then the race for the finish was on: would it be TK and Rachel, the sweet, relaxed hippies, or Chris and Ronald, the stressed out but ever so much bonded father daughter pair?

As much as it'd be awesome to see Chris and Ron win after all their growth on the race, it was amazing to see the wonderful TK and Rachel cross that finish line first - hooray!

And really, for our Hallmark moment, everyone won this amazing race. TK and Rachel bonded and formed a better and even more adorable relationship and won a million dollars, Chris and Ronald learned to get along and truly be friends beyond and outside of their previous father-daughter ways, and Don and Nick got to bond as well plus have the oldest teammate ever to finish The Amazing Race!

Definitely a great season overall with some entertaining, totally crazy, and certainly great people and places along the way!

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