Odor In The Court: This is your Betty. This is your Betty on drugs.

On Ugly Betty, Betty's on drugs and breaking into sandwich shops, Christina's inseminated with a devil baby, Amanda and Marc have consciouses, and Henry, well, he's still having a baby. And so is Wilhelmina!

That's a horror story if I've ever heard one.

So what difference will it make that Claire didn't actually kill Faye because Faye was secretly poisoning her with perfume?

It concludes all that drama and will probably mean more of Claire on the show. But what drama will ensue because of it?

With Claire back in the picture, can Wilhelmina still take over with the Mead offspring she's cooking up in Christina's belly? I'm not so sure she'll be able to get away with that... but then did she think she could with Alexa and Daniel around?

So many questions of evil plans, so little time! Now the best part of all that perfume drugging drama was definitely Betty running around like a complete nut. Just like Justin said, she definitely had sass and was hilarious!

More than the hilariousness of Betty being a loon was the interest of what she did while being a bit out of her head. She flipped out about Henry and the baby, and she went so crazy about thinking Gio had a crush on her that she, well, crushed his store window.

It may or may not still be inevitable that Henry is going to leave depending on if some big twist comes about with Charlie and the baby, but does Betty's Gio-freakout mean she's hiding some feelings for him?

Was it the drugs talking, or the real Betty? (Now that's a sentence I never thought we could utter!) I'm sure we'll see more of this later on considering Gio's stayed on the show and in the picture longer than would be expected for the initial relationship threat.

And, of course, as for Amanda and Mark... who knew! I guess getting Marc away from Mode actually made him more of a real person with feelings! What will become of Marc and Amanda's usual nasty, scheming selves now? Well, they'll probably keep to their normal cattiness, but maybe we've discovered that they aren't actually evil, just bratty for the fun of it all.

Now as for next week, it looks like it'll be our last new episode of Ugly Betty for a while. This may leave us really hanging on the Betty-Henry baby issue, and even the Wilhelmina baby issue. It looks like babies are the new black for now on Ugly Betty!

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