The Bachelor Has Chosen!

In last night's "exciting conclusion" of The Bachelor, it was time for our British bachelor, Matt Grant, to make his decision between the blonde, beautiful, and fun Shayne or the brunette, beautiful, and fun Chelsea.

Hm, tough choice. Well, really while they share these basics, Shayne coming across a little bit dumb throughout her time on The Bachelor, though smart where she cared to be.

Chelsea, on the other hand, seemed like a very intelligent woman who just never grew up. This would usually make for the perfect woman for a guy, but the element of romantic adult also needs to play in, which just never happened for Chelsea.

Matt seemed to have been all right with this when she brought sexy back for their overnight date, so that seemed to even the playing field a bit.

Both women got to go meet Matt's family in London and got very mixed reviews. His mom felt comfortable chatting with both women, but was leaning toward Shayne, while his brother felt Chelsea was more the woman for Matt. Unfortunately, nothing dramatic or crazy happened here - just tea and chat. Silly British and their polite ways!

Matt, Chelsea, and Shayne were then back to Barbados for their final dates and the final rose. Matt had amazing dates with both women, and seemed very connected to both.

In their alone time, he and Chelsea seemed just crazy about each other, and she gave him a gift of a California survival pack for visiting her there. Cute, but not a big deal.

Shayne, on the other hand, gave Matt a picture frame of two photos of her writing "I Love You," in the sand which, though slightly bringing on a gag reflex, was actually really romantic and sweet.

I think Matt saw this too as he completely loved the gift. It was interesting to see Shayne be this girly woman who you know always gets what she wants admit that she loves a man first who could break her heart the next day by turning her away.

This all made me actually... like this woman who I kept wanting to turn out to be a total moron.

And as it turned out, Matt felt the same way plus a whole mile more of love! While it seemed throughout the show it was almost too obvious that he'd fallen for Shayne most of all so she couldn't actually be the one chosen, sure enough, she was!

Chelsea had to get her heart broken, which was as always sad to watch before the elation of the proposal moment. She was elegant and kind about it until she brought out her childish and confused side before getting to the limo where she told Matt that Shayne had seemed the most fake person from the beginning, and she couldn't believe he'd choosen her. Well, now, Matt wouldn't have that!

I was glad to see Matt defend Shayne and tell off Chelsea, but very mildly since after all, he'd made his decision, and I doubt anyone really in love would like to hear how awful the person is right before they get engaged!

So off with Chelsea, and in with a super thrilled Shayne! Matt actually proposed, which I'm pretty sure was in his ABC contract after last season's Brad disaster of choosing no woman at all.

But Matt and Shayne seem genuinely (for now) happy together, and Matt did say at The Women Tell All that he was in love and happily engaged still, so they're still going! Maybe reality TV love will prevail for the second time in Bachelor/Bachelorette history!

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Jan 12, 2009 12:27AM EST

haha they broke up

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