A Thousand Words by Friday: Soapin' Up

On Ugly Betty, it seems the soap opera aspect is at a new high.

We have Wilhelmina cooking up her evil plan of making a Meade baby in her hired help's belly so she can take over the company.

Now there's Wilhelmina's sister who's popped up out of nowhere to date Daniel Meade.

There's plenty of tragic romance concerning if Betty's true love will leave her to have a baby with a woman he doesn't love.

Plus a hot, young confused woman who just wants to know her famous rockstar daddy. Well, Amanda, lucky for you, Gene Simmons left The Celebrity Apprentice last week, so he had the time to stop by and see your disturbing "Gene Simmons is my daddy," song.

Okay, so really this episode of Ugly Betty was probably taped a while ago and then Gene headed to The Celebrity Apprentice, but it's kind of an odd coincidence that he just popped up on Thursday night TV the week after he left another Thursday night show.

But back to Amanda. While Mark and Amanda decided to stick to being sneaky brats over being truly evil as they told the truth about Faye poisoning Claire, they sure aren't done with their ridiculous schemes.

So sure, Gene Simmons showed up at Amanda's creepy little concert to hear her song about him doing it with her mom at Studio 54, but are we supposed to believe he's really her dad? I'm going to go with a no on that one, but it's fun for now. And it was pretty much all worth it to have Betty and Henry walk into the bar and say, "Hey, where's Amanda going with Gene Simmons?"

So for the other soap opera scandal, what's the "good" new sister doing seducing the enemy of her evil sister? She seems nice, though so entirely out of the blue, and there's the little detail that Wilhelmina told Renee she better watch out so Daniel doesn't find out who she really is. Is Renee really up to something for Wilhelmina? Or are we just talking, oh my god, your name used to be Rhonda?

Then, as has continued for a while now, we have the Henry vs. Gio tension. Now Betty shows over and over there's really no contest to her since she really loves Henry. And we all want her to also - forget the cute sandwich guy. He's fun, but Henry and Betty are just too wonderful to want to split up just for some fun drama.

So did they clear all that up this week? Henry and Gio went head to head for a little research at a bar to see if Betty's dispised interviewee's book about picking up women by insulting them would work. Which it did - and Henry won by getting just one more girl's phone number than Gio.

And later on, Henry admitted to being bothered when Gio was around Betty, but Betty reassured him she loved him, blah blah. So is this Betty-Henry bliss until baby reality hits?

Sadly, this was our last Ugly Betty, so we'll just have to wait and see until, well, probably next season the way things are going. But it's almost for the best - we have everyone pretty much in interesting places, but at least our main character still hanging onto happiness, so we'll just let Betty and Henry be happy a while longer until we finally see them return!

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