Top Chef: Lions, and Penguins, and Bears!

In week 2 of Top Chef: Chicago, the contestants are beginning to show their true colors!

New Yorker Andrew (pictured) continued to prove that though he seems like he'd be a totally rude and aggressively competitive guy, he's really just awesome, hilarious, and with the perfect level of competitiveness and real skill.

His most amazing line of last night went something like this: "I really want lion. I've just got something in me, ya know? Graarrrarr!"

I mean, really, none of the other chefs made a single sound effect or animal noise when they discovered the knives they were pulling for the elimination challenge each had an animal name on them.

Be a little more entertaining, will you people??

My other emerging favorite was Mark from New Zealand, who still seems like a great guy and chef, but he let the pressure of the competition for the quick fire get to him this week.

All the chefs were thrown into a farmer's market where they were allowed to get no more than five ingredients for their quick fire dish. Mark freaked out the most of anyone, leading to some rudeness to every vendor, though this was slightly distilled by saying, "mate" at the end of every rude urge to hurry it up.

Spike, on the other hand, has begun to shine out as another awesome and funny chef... perhaps with a small dash of our dear Mikey of Season 2. When everyone else rushed off to grab ingredients as fast as possible, he decided to chill out and listen to some guy playing guitar for a while, stroll around, drop money in the guitar player's case, and then eventually pick out some stuff to cook.

Much like Mikey, he took on the attitude of enjoying the place and experience, and just being chill because what happens, happens. If he does a good job, that's great, but if not, then that's that.

So then, after the quick fire was all set with Mark as the winner (apparently his rush paid off despite him leaving one ingredient behind), and with Andrew disqualified for using one extra ingredient by mistake.

But yet, Andrew came out on top for the elimination challenge! The chefs had to cater a staff party of about 200 people for the Lincoln Park Zoo, with the theme of dishes being made up of foods eaten by the animal name on the knife they each pulled.

Andrew missed out on Team Lion as he'd hoped, but ended up on Team Penguin where he and his teammates cooked up some excellent fish dishes and he even made a glacier for decoration and pallet cleansing, all of which led Andrew to the joy of winning the challenge.

Team Bear, on the other hand, was not so lucky. With the worst dish in the bunch, Chicagoan Valerie was told to pack her knives and go. So sad! She seemed like a great chef who'd be fun to keep around, but alas, it was not to be so.

And so the competition continues on for the remaining 14 chefs!

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Top Chef: Lions, and Penguins, and Bears!


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