Pilot: Superwomen in the City

Finally something new to watch!

Now, first of all, we should probably question why ABC has two new shows focused on the lives of rich professionals with ridiculous relationship problems, aka the male version, Big Shots, and now the female version of Cashmere Mafia.

But, all this aside, Cashmere Mafia's premiere episode did not bring what we could call the freshest new TV show, but it did bring a solid group of characters and a good plot-line that just might make a strong name for itself.

So these four women, the "Cashmere Mafia" are women in the professional world trying to juggle pressures of work, relationships, family, and their lunch schedules. Blah, blah. And, wait for it... we discovered one of their husbands is cheating.

And after the fabulously don't-we-just-have-it-all intro of Lucy Lu's character, Mia Mason, getting engaged to the wonderful man she's also working with, we got the reality check, though way too typical, that he just can't handle a woman more successful than him.

But wait! There might be something new here - the sexy blonde, Caitlin, thinks she might be a lesbian! And her brother's a priest, well this is fun.

So, after a little bit of drama and introduction to our new characters, we're left with Juliet Draper, a successful woman prepared to revenge-cheat on her husband but stay married to him, Mia Mason un-engaged but about to plunge into a big-time publishing position, Zoe Burden happily married but unhappily nannied and a bit of a failing supermom, and Caitlin Dowd, a woman who knows what she's doing in the office but certainly not in the dating field... especially since that now involves another woman.

And so we have the female Big Shots, and of course, what's trying to be the new Sex and the City. So now Cashmere Mafia needs to prove itself big time if these ladies think they can measure up to our beloved Sex and the City gals.

Now sure, the SATC ladies were a 4-pack of successful New York women, but their attitudes and lives weren't quite as stereotypical-businesswoman, but women of different professions coming together with what seemed a much more real friendship, and there's something about Cashmere Mafia that just might get dull if they're not careful.

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