Episode Recap: "One Last Chance"

This week's episode of The Hills was a bit of a snoozer and another reminder of why Spencer sucks big time. At this point Heidi doesn’t even seem to like him let alone want to marry him, so I'm not quite sure what's going on in that little Barbie head of hers. Trying to keep herself occupied, Heidi decides to clean out her closet. Hmm I can think of another way to keep occupied, perhaps looking for a new job? Spencer suggests they go to the movies but Heidi doesn't want to and is clearly bitter that he got her fired. She even tells him that and all he has to say is that she should take responsibility for what happened. To make matters worse, Heidi doesn’t even know where her sister Holly is, since the two haven’t spoken since she was literally put out on the street. Spencer takes this opportunity to mock Heidi, sarcastically telling her that's he bummed she's not around more often. "Maybe you're the one causing all the problems," Heidi tells him.

Meanwhile, Audrina and Lauren go out for drinks because they haven't seen each other in forevs. Lauren tells her that Holly is staying with her, which Audrina is a bit surprised about. Audrina then tells Lauren about how Justin and she seem to be doing well and that apparently he's over the whole Hollywood thing and done partying all the time. The next day her Casey is over at Audrina's, and two are chatting about JB. Casey (Audrina's sister) is still skeptical about him being MIA for a week at a time but she responds that she doesn’t just sit around and wait for him when he's gone. "What can I say, I love him?" Don't they say love is blind?

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