American Gladiators Premiere: Nostalgic Powerhouse of the Season

ABC brought some drama with the return of Desperate Housewives and the premiere of Cashmere Mafia, but the real drama was on NBC with the return of American Gladiators!

The true beauties of American Gladiators are exactly this: no need for writers, and nostalgia central hitting that perfect age group who watched it when they were young.

They were clearly trying to play that up by focusing on what competitions they brought back, but also what was new... but what could have highlighted this love of the old American Gladiators better than one of the competitors himself, the guy who got stuck in traffic 14 years ago on the way to his AG audition.

Wow. Now that's a dream he should've just let go, but imaging his complete and utter thrill when hearing it was coming back is probably the most comical and tragic thing I can think of!

And the poor guy, well, those 14 years just didn't do him well. And the scary gladiators didn't help either.

But the intensely scary and muscled gladiators, super pumped up competitors, and hilariously intense games are definitely pulling American Gladiators to the top of the reality pyramid that is the winter TV schedule.

Fans of the show before are most certainly glued to their sets and those just tuning in, well, it's pretty impossible not to get into the corny excellence!

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