Chuck Ep 3: Chuck vs. The Spy Who Shagged Her

Chuck has become one of those wonderful shows that I just love more every episode, especially in this new season as there's room for growth for Chuck as a "spy," Sarah and Chuck's relationship, and the hilarious Buy More workers whose antics really add to the show!

For instance, while Chuck was out and about helping his bff Bryce and his non-girlfriend fake a marriage to get a vital computer chip and then negotiating a deal all on his own, Morgan was battling it out at Buy More with the jocks from hell.

Now that Chuck has become slightly more advanced as a spy, could we maybe have Morgan accidentally discover what Chuck is up to and become his even more disastrous sidekick?

It's already great as it is when Chuck's able to do things like call Morgan when he has a gun to his head to have Morgan layout their Call of Duty plans that sound like an real life defense line, but if Morgan were really in on it, that could be a lot of good times - or maybe just one before they get killed... hm.

But as for the mission this time around, unfortunately it did not include Morgan, and I think Chuck just might have preferred his life being in more danger with Morgan there to screw up instead of Bryce being there tangoing with his lady.

Even though Chuck has become a little more smooth, when it comes to Sarah, he's still a mess considering he couldn't focus what-so-ever, and his fake waiter position led him to spilling all over the target, then dropping the guy's $1,000 bottle moments later... whoops. So maybe he blew this mission just a little bit.

Chuck redeemed himself pretty well working out an exchange later, but then still ended up with himself in a bad guy headlock with a gun to his head and Sarah lined up for the shot to take out the baddie holding Chuck. So no problem, right?

We saw in a flashback at the beginning of the episode that Sarah had been in just this position in a mission with Bryce where someone had Bryce in Chuck's place, and she took the shot to save him, easily able to put aside the fact that her shot was going very close to her boyfriend's head.

But what's this?? When it's Chuck's head in possible danger of her shot she can't do it? Intriguing! Looks like Chuck is our winner for Sarah's true love!

Well... that may be the case, but unfortunately, since Sarah's there to protect Chuck, the fact that she let her feelings get in the way is a pretty big problem.

While so far this season we've gotten to see Chuck and Sarah get much closer to the real possibility of being together, just as the title of the episode alluded, it was indeed Chuck vs. the Break-up. No, we were not left with a heartbroken Chuck because Bryce stole his girl, but we were left with a heartbroken Chuck who had to break off whatever he and Sarah had because he saw they really couldn't have a future, and they definitely couldn't have the present as it was.

Bryce may be gone for now, but he left Chuck's hopes for his love life crushed and the intersect updated in Chuck's head via Bryce's cool spy glasses... oh Bryce, thanks for stopping by.

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