SideReel Drama Club: FNL Season 1, Eps 7-9 Reviewed

From watching the first 6 episodes of Season 1, I was hooked on Friday Night Lights. Now after watching 9 episodes, I'm totally in love with this show!

Episodes 7-9 had some really great stuff! We had the drama of Lyla and Tim sleeping together come back up, Smash feeling major pressure when a scout came to Homecoming, Matt finally asking Julie out for a date that fell apart, and plenty more dramatic goodness.

I also must note that I love Coach Taylor and Tami's presences on the show - Tami's such a wonderful, real woman. It's nice to see the Taylors represent adults on TV who can relate and talk with their kids and other teens without trying to be the buddy, nor be the adult who doesn't get or trust kids.

I really liked seeing Lyla talk to Tami after Jason had asked Lyla point-blank if she'd slept with Tim and she'd said no. Tami had some excellent advice that certainly would have worked out if only Jason didn't know both Lyla and Tim so well to know they were lying, leading to him punching Tim! Wow! What an intense moment!

It was crazy to feel so bad for all three of them and to see what the rest of the school did when they found out. I hadn't thought that the football team would feel they needed to get Tim for Jason, nor that Lyla would be given such a hard time, but I guess that makes sense when people love their town hero.

The Smash storyline also got pretty intense as he actually took money his church members raised for him for SAT Prep courses to pay for steroids. He was pretty cornered on that one, but it was still hard to watch him give into it. At least he came around later on!

The Matt and Julie story is getting interesting too - I was hitting my head for Matt as they went on their first date and he was trying to be "the football legend" over being himself, but then when the date was "ruined" by him having to go take care of his grandma - perfect! The fact that Matt didn't get how adorable it was for him to take care of his grandma just made it all the more sweet!

I really hope to see much more of Matt and Julie, some resolution for Tim, Lyla, and Jason, and hmm, maybe a little something between Jason and Tyra?? The plot thickens once again!

If you're following along for SideReel's Drama Club, what'd you think of this week?

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