American Idol: The Final 3 Perform

The drama. The excitement. The bad song choices. The final three.

Really, that about wraps up last night's American Idol final three performances. While David A, David C, and Syesha are all amazing singers, last night just didn't deliver any "wow" performances.

This could be due to the lack of a theme, and allowing the judges and show producers to pick songs for them - what?? Just pick a theme, folks.

I liked that the performers got to pick a song for themselves in there which was meant to show they could be modern pop artists, but even they didn't do a good job picking songs.

David Archuleta ended up with two predictable and slightly boring slow performances that showcased his pretty voice, but didn't give him any wow factor, plus he gave himself a bit of an ick factor with his chosen fast-paced pop song.

David Archuleta just isn't meant to dance around singing about his "boo"... yeah... it's a good thing, David, that you don't cut it for the boy band style you tried to go with there. But this also could have hurt his winning chances since he wasn't very impressive and showed us how tragic his actual pop star career could be.

Syesha also had some big misses - so much so that the judges, including Paula, said it probably wasn't enough to get her into the finals. I think she did a pretty good job with her three selections, but cabaret all the way. The fact is, she'd be incredible on Broadway, but pop just isn't right.

As for the incredible edible David Cook, he wasn't quite his usually impressive self either. His awesomeness is wrapped up in him doing his own take, or at least someone else's interesting take, on the selected songs. His songs also weren't chosen well, though Simon's choice of "Face" was kind of cool for David. His other songs were all right, but nothing very awesome, though I'd say enough to show he's still the DC we know and love.

So, unless Syesha fans somehow drum up mountainous support, it looks like we'll be doing the predictable goodbye to Syesha tonight. It's too bad as she is really great, but hopefully she'll find somewhere she fits better.

Will it really be down to the David vs. David we've all been predicting?? And if so, which David will prevail next week?

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