The Bachelorette Plays the Field

On The Bachelorette this week, the bachelors got the unpleasant surprise of a new twist this season: they aren't staying in the mansion.

Instead, three guys a week will get to stay in the mansion with DeAnna, while the rest live down the hill at the bunkhouse.

Fun, right? Well, not when you're in your 20s-30s trying to win a woman's heart, but are instead stuck in a room packed with bunk beds and the only shower is outside with no curtain.

Sounds like they're just dying to make these guys get competitive and ready to fight to the death for their bachelorette princess.

Now I know every woman wants her fairytale ending, but DeAnna is a modern woman who I'd think doesn't want men to be immature and fight for her, just win her over by their time with her.

But no. Either DeAnna actually likes the fight, or has just gotten stuck in the hype of her own show since she's going along with the fighting, including encouraging a push-up contest to win time with her.

As for the rest of DeAnna's time, she got a "magical" group date, a one-on-one at the beach with Graham, and group baseball date with the rest of the guys.

The stand-out of the magic show date was Jason who got some alone time with DeAnna after they were left in a cozy room via magic trick. He held back this time about his 3-year-old son, but next week's preview shows us he's going to pull that one out and DeAnna looks pretty shocked. I don't think it'll be a big deal for a sweet woman who wants kids, so hopefully it'll go over well.

DeAnna and Graham had some good heart-to-heart time on the beach, but maybe not in the best way for Graham's chances. DeAnna's a bit hung up on making sure she doesn't make the same mistake as she did with Brad, so the fact that Graham's only been in love once and may not know what he wants made DeAnna uneasy. She did give him a rose, though, so it seems she's following her heart, and will only let her head interfere when it's right to do so.

As for the baseball date, Jeremy isn't a pick I like all that much, but he's definitely growing on DeAnna, and he opened up big time by telling her that both of his parents have passed away, which is very touching to anyone, but especially DeAnna since her mom passed away when she was young.

This did make Jeremy stick around and get on many of the guys' bad sides as they were upset to see Jeremy stay in the mansion when he already got time there. This did seem a little unfair, but with such opening up, DeAnna seemed to know what she wanted.

As for the guys who left, I was disappointed to see Chris go who rocked out with his awful singing of the National Anthem at the baseball field, which I thought showed his fun character, but I guess DeAnna didn't feel it.

As for the disappointing who stayed, definitely Twilley! Really, DeAnna? Yeah, he seems like a fun guy, but he's really into himself and seemed to annoy DeAnna when he approached her various times just to go on and on.

Maybe this is a little cruel, but it's choices like that in The Bachelor and The Bachelorette that make it more clear why the gorgeous star of the show is single - they make bad choices in men and women!

Not that Twilley's horrible, but he's a bit annoying, and she seems to have no actual connection with him, yet he stays.

So maybe this is why love isn't working out, my dear DeAnna.

But lucky for us and DeAnna, she'll be getting some help from her buddy Ellen DeGeneres next week, so maybe she can help DeAnna as she continues to narrow down to the love of her life!

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