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The Little Prince Spoilers Included!

I was not that impressed with last week's Lost episode 'Jughead' after the completely thrilling premiere, but this week's 'The Little Prince' wowed me all over again!

It still wasn't as insane and exciting as the premiere as can be expected, but we got some great Oceanic 6 development, and then just when I thought finding out the info about Aaron and Claire's mom, Sawyer seeing Kate in the past on the island, and the other drama on the island were the surprises of the episode, right at the end we got the whopper:

Jin's alive!!! An even better perhaps? He was rescued by a young and pregnant Danielle Rousseau and her French crew! Wow! And so begins Jin's travel through time as well - now that wasn't something I was expecting!

So were you expecting to soon find out Jin was alive or were you shocked to see him turn up? And now that he has, what do you think is to come for Jin? The promo for next week showed Ben telling Sun he knew Jin was alive and he could prove it, so will the Jin focus be around Sun's story or will we actually start following Jin on the island too?

It's going to get pretty complicated if we're following at least three different groups of people, so could that mean Jin quickly falling into time with the other survivors or will we just not see much of Jin on the island now that the main point of him being alive has been made? Share your thoughts and predictions!

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Default avatar cat
Feb 5, 2009 6:20AM EST

No i was not expecting any of that!! I'm agast and confused and intrigued! I cant wait for next weeks now!!

Default avatar cat
Feb 5, 2009 6:52AM EST

No I wasn't expecting it but it makes a lot of sense. I think we'll find that Jin is jumping through time at the same rate as the others... why shouldn't he be?
The more interesting question I think is how is he going to meet up with Lock etc? We know from the first season that all of Danielle's crew die but who does it? Does Sawyer, Lock and the rest have something to do with this and therefore was it not the others?!?

Default avatar cat
Feb 5, 2009 7:45AM EST

FAB Episode! can't wait to see them back on the island
I would imagine Jin (while he was obviously unconcious at sea) will of been jumping through time also and is in the same time period as Locke and Sawyer (as they have just found a french crash site and Jin is rescued by french survivors of a plane crash)
It will probably pan out that the other 'oringinal' survivors of the Oceanic flight (such as Bernard and Rose) will be in the past also somewhere in the jungle
Does anyone have any clue where Claire is? are we expecting to see her this season? as she is not in the promo shots that i've seen but neither was Jin and he is obviously back

Default avatar cat
Feb 5, 2009 7:56AM EST

actually i've just seen this on the cast bit -
Emilie de Ravin asClaire Littleton (seasons 1-4, 6)
does it mean she wont be in season 5 but will return in season 6????

Feb 5, 2009 12:05PM EST

Yes, they've said she'll return in season 6.

Default avatar cat
Feb 6, 2009 1:40AM EST

wow twisted episode

Theyre LOST in time, maybe thats the true meaning of the titile :P

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