'Army Wives' Recap: 'Onward Christian Soldier'

Joan and Roland

Joan's problems with Connor are escalating. They are both chosen to lead war games. It's a major big deal. They are on opposite teams. Frank will be monitoring the whole thing. All eyes are upon them, including the Pentagon. Connor says to Joan, "It's on." So he's going to make this personal.

Later, Connor tells Joan that she's damaged goods. He brings up the fact that she had to have counseling after her tour in Afghanistan. Joan calls him a pencil pusher and that he's only had command over a desk. Joan gets up in Connor's face and tells him "I am going to kick your ass."

The team later is strategizing. Joan decides to make a change. After the soldiers leave the room, a guy makes a call to Connor and reports on Joan's strategy change.

Hmmm, there's a mole on Joan's team.

Claudia Joy, Emmalin, Michael

Emmalin makes Haneen feels comfortable, even providing a prayer mat. Emmalin says she's sorry for what happened to Haneen's family. Haneen says the Iraqis killed her family, not the Americans. There's no need for an apology. Emmalin says her own people killed her sister too, and she's still waiting for someone to apologize to her. Claudia Joy overhears this, and it hurts her heart.

Haneen decides she doesn't want the surgery. Roland is called over to talk to her. Turns out it's survivors guilt. As he is counseling Haneen, Emmalin is listening. She retreats into her room and cries for her sister Amanda.

Roxy and Trevor

Lucky the dog continues to make his mark on the family by chewing up Roxy's shoes. Roxy spends over $100 on vet care for Lucky. She's mean to poor Lucky, calling him Cujo. The boys feed Lucky an entire bag of chocolate chips, leading to yet another visit to the vet. Luckily, Lucky pulled through

At the end of the episode, Roxy is snuggled up in bed next to Lucky.


Pamela notices that the coach prays before and after practice, and he emphasizes lifting up the other team. Pam feels that there's nothing wrong with end zone celebrations. The coach feels that it's way of putting down the other team. Pamela feels that she's transported back to her Catholic school days.

However, Pamela does notice that the boys act differently; they don't stay mad at each other and they embrace sportsmanship. She feels that maybe she's missing something.

Chase is called back to the action of the battlefield unexpectedly. Pam "takes a knee" and leads the family in prayer.

Denise and Frank

Denise and Frank called the mediator to cancel the divorce. Denise and Claudia Joy gab and giggle about Frank like two twenty-somethings talking about a first date.

Frank and Denise meet for breakfast. They talk. Denise wants to talk about the affair. Frank doesn't want to hear about that, and who can blame him? They decide they need to have someone help them through the reconciliation process.

They see a marriage counselor. Denise wants to be close again. Frank wants to make things right. He's all about the cut-and-dried mission. The counselor suggests they go on a date.

The Men of Honor Award: Frank. As gruff as an old soldier as he is, he's all about his marriage.

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