Episode Recap: "The Reunion"

This week on 30 Rock, George Clooney, Tom Cruise and Britney Spears guest-starred as ... oh, wait. There were no ginormous guest stars! Did I TiVo the right show?! Yeah, I'm a tad bitter, like in a Lonny Ross kind of way. But on with the recap of this refreshing episode!

Admit it - this week was nice, just a tale of Liz and Jack, and Tracy vs. Kenneth. Plus, the high-school reunion plot had a nice twist, as Mickey and I were saying the other day: Liz thought she was the victim back in the day, when in reality she was the mean girl. I loved the two versions of the flashback, one where mousy Liz mumbles into her telescope (telescope?), and the other where she fires a zinger back at the class mate. "How's your mom's pill addiction?" Ha!

Don Geiss lives! Alas, the indefatigable geezer thinks he has some CEO days left in the tank. Or, at least that's what the beam of light/possible unborn Aztec king told him. So distraught Jack headed to Miami - home of "ass, and burgeoning art scene" - but got held over in ol' White Haven, Pa. Hmm, things have changed there since Liz's teen years, what with the infusion of Vietnamese restaurants and "detour sign" tourist traps. Better wear your kon dong (sp?)!

Back at the Rock, Tracy is upset/insecure because Kenneth has turned stand-up sensation in the building elevator, turning out high-sterical jokes like, "This must be the local." (Meanwhile, Tracy's riff on Star Trek's lack of Puerto Ricans was pretty funny, though I recall a Klingon or two being possibles. Tracy takes his grievance to Jenna, who is aghast to realize that yes, Kenneth IS stomping on their turf and threatening their raison d'etre. ("If there weren't actors, how would people know who to vote for?") Tracy and Jenna set Ken straight by taking over as overeager pages, much to his horror ... and plentiful tears.

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Default avatar cat
Dec 7, 2008 7:28AM EST

For a second I thought the first few lines of your post were true and I was groaning with disapproval before I realised the joke. This is the best episode yet of the new season.

Default avatar cat
Dec 8, 2008 2:00AM EST

Okay, I'm getting sick of people complaining about guest stars. 30 Rock has ALWAYS had guest stars, it's just that no one was paying attention before.
Also, this was the episode they tried to get Leighton Meester and Blake Lively for..that would have been epic.

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